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    Shaftebury Cream Ale Clone

    Shaftebury Cream Ale Clone Fermentables 7 lbs Liquid Pale Malt Extract 4 oz Carapils malt 5 oz British crystal malt (50-60 L) 4 oz Chocolate malt Hops 1 oz Willamette 1/2 oz Cascade Blend Together and boil 75% for 1 hour / use 25% for finishing Steeped grains at 155 for 30...
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    Cold secondary- have I killed the yeast

    Hi guys, I'm making a Coopers Wheat Beer with 3lbs of LME (instead of dextrose) and was just wondering if you can ruin your beer by using a secondary that's "too cold". I noticed one day that wort temp was a little high, so I froze two 2 litre bottles of water and placed them against my...
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    Just bought a starter kit but have a question

    The starter kit I bought at the brewing supply store came with a 10 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon carboy (with airlock). The instructions say to do the primary in the bucket and then rack to the carboy for a secondary. The bucket however is not airtight at all which I thought was critical to...