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    BCS-460 brewery controller

    Hi everyone, I have a brand new BCS-460 controller with probes. I've powered it up a few times to play and check it it. Never installed into production. Will post pics and screenshots soon. $200 OBO Thanks!
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    Pennsylvania Moving Sale + Freebies. Antique Jockey Boxes, SS NEMA enclosure, burners, controls and more

    Hey All, Moving and lots has to go. Small antique Jockey box = $75 obo Large antique Jockey Box = $100 obo Large Stainless steel NEMA box enclosure = $100 obo Box of Love controls with probes = $50 Box of asco valves = $25 2x 23 burner, jet burners = $25 each 1x 23 jet burner with 1 jet broken...
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    Pennsylvania Free Glass!! Swing top bottles and carboys

    Hey gang! I have a few cases of swing top bottles up for grabs. Most of them are brown, half liter Schwelmer bottles. I think there is a case of green Grolsh bottles as well. I also have a bunch of glass carboys. Most of them are 5gal but there is at least one 4gal and 6gal. Located in...
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    Pennsylvania NIB - BrewBug Digital Hydrometer / Thermometer with Probe

    Hello All, I have a new, never user BeerBug digital hydrometer and thermometer. It includes the long thermo probe as well as all of the original, unused accessories. Original cost was $240+ . Asking $115 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Will add pics when I get home. Cheers!
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    Pennsylvania Brutus / Single Tier brew stand

    Hi All, I've got my brutus clone / single tier stand for sale. It's standard milled tube stock, not stainless. It has 300lbs casters on it. It is only the frame and has never been used. I had it made by a local fabricator using Lonnie's plans, and then upgraded my pots to 23 gallons before I...
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    March 809HS-PL New in the Box

    Hey all, I've got a brand new March 809HS-PL pump still in the box. It has the inline head and the 6ft cord attached to it. Best price I can find on these in stock is $149.99 + shipping. I'm looking to get $130 shipped to your door via USPS Priority mail.
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    SS 40qt Kettle, Immersion Chiller, 5gal Tun, 5gal HLT, Capper

    So my wife is going to file for a divorce if I don't get rid of some of my "extra" brew equipment. Here's what I've got. 1 - 40qt? (I will verify tonight) Stainless pot. It has a nice welded bulkhead and SS ball valve with a brass barb. It also has a lid with a notch for an immersion chiller...
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    50amp Plasma Cutter / Torch

    Hey all, I have a brand new never used 50amp Plasma cutter. It's 110/220v, you just need to add the plug you want to use. I purchased it on eBay a year ago and planned on using to to cut the tops off my sankes and for a few other projects. I've decided to go with larger pots and I'm not going...
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    100QT & 180QT Stock Pot Bulk Buy

    Hey all, I've got a line on some nice large pots. They are brand new 18/8 stainless steel. 1mm minimum thickness and come with lids. If anyone is interested and within driving distance to Scranton, PA (2hrs north of Philly, 2hrs west of NYC), we can really cut down on shipping if we combine...
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    Single tier liquid flow / plumbing planning help

    Hey guys, I'm working on my Brutus style single tier system. I purchased a BCS-460 and I'm planning on using solenoid valves to pump the liquid between my 3 vessels. I'm thinking, at this point, of sticking with a direct fired RIMS setup but I may change that to a RIMS tube. Anyhow, I'm trying...
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    NEPA, SE NY, North Jersey - Feeler

    Hey all, I'm located in Scranton / NEPA aka Northeast PA. I'm looking to setup a group buy and want to gauge interest. The buy could service anyone from NEPA, South East New York, Northern New Jersey. Delivery would be to Scranton. For reference, I'm an hour north of Allentown, an hour south...
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    3x Dwyer Love Controls TS3 Temp Controllers w/ SS Probes

    I have 3 brand new, never used Love TS3 Temperature Controllers that come with 10ft stainless steel probes. The controls are model number TS3-50010, and are 115VAC. All three for $190 shipped or $75 a piece shipped. Thanks for looking!
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    Fermenting small(er) batches in a large(r) conical?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking at buying a conical and I have some questions that relate to head space. I'd like to get the largest fermenter I can afford. Right now it's looking like I could swing a 27 gallon unit. My question is can I ferment 5 gallon batches in this unit? I think 5gallons make...
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    Help me figure out where I went wrong ...

    So two weeks ago I attempted to brew my first Saison. I mashed: 8.5lbs of Belgian Pale 1.25lbs White Wheat 6oz of Crystal at 145F for 60min. I then batch sparged twice with 175F water (screwed up my calculations and ended up adding 1gal of water to fermenter to get 5.25 gallons). I...