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    Oregon Single tier for sale, Portland

    looking to sell my single tier propane rig. This is an awesome rig, and the only reason I'm looking to sell it is to help fund my upgrade to electric, all triclamp. I WILL NOT ship or part this thing out. I will deliver anywhere within say 100 miles of portland and go through a brew with you...
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    bottling with brett: priming question

    Hi all, I have tried to do my due diligence but cant seem to come up with the answer to this question. I am planning on bottle conditioning an upcoming batch with brett brux and was wondering if I should prime as usual? I have read that brett can attenuate more strongly than saccromyces and...
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    hoa switch wiring question

    I am putting honeywell hot surface ignition on my hlt burner with an auber pid. I have a 24v 3 position, center off switch. I would like to wire in a hand/off/auto configuration. The diagram that came with the pid seems simple enough, but is for a solenoid valve with no ignition module (standing...
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    weak flame on my bg14

    So I got my gas manifold finished and fired it up to check for leaks. No leaks but the flame is very weak. These are low pressure bg14's plumbed through a marshall 230 regulator into 1/2 black iron, with flex tubing running to the burners. Orifices are the lp ones from brewers hardware. The...
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    extending rtd wires?

    I have the deluxe rtd probes from auber. The leads they provided coming from the xlr aren't long enough to reach my pids. What is the best way to go about extending them? Can I simply use butt crimp connectors with heat shrink tubing or does wire this small need to be soldered? I have soldered...
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    single tier, brutus-ish, herms build

    So after saving money and squirreling away parts for over a year, I finally started building my new rig. I have thirty something batches in on my old system, and have brewed some great beer on it but it is time to move up in the world here is my old system So their is very few original ideas...
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    need help identifying an off flavor

    I recently brewed two ipas with pretty much the same grain bill and hops schedule, one got wlp540 and the other got 001. Both have this odd taste that I cant quite put my finger on. The best way I can describe it is that they taste under attenuated, but they finished at 1.009 and 1.012...
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    which coil for my herms

    I have two coild laying around and I can't decide which to use for my heat echanger on my upcoming herms build. One is 1/2" copper about 30 feet long and the other is 1/4 " stainless about 50 feet long. I like the idea of the stainless one, but I'm am afraid 1/4 is gonna be too small.
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    first time stir plate user, how aggressive should i stir?

    Just got a stir plate and not sure how wild I should get with it. A nice little whirlpool or as fast as I can get it without the stirbar getting stuck? Thanks in advance...wnc
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    looking for input on HERMS/brutus building

    Hello all, I have been trolling build threads for quite a while now, and am fixing to upgrade my wood single tier, one pump stand to a steel semi automated, two maybe 3 pump. My question is this: A lot of the brutus style builds I've looked at on here have automated hlt and mlt. I...
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    need help deciding what to buy

    Christmas left me with a couple hundred bucks to spend on homebrew stuff, I have narrowed the field down to three items and was going to if any of you guys could shed some light. I'm torn... 1) blichmann beer gun, I have been bottling off the keg using a racking cane and stopper and find it to...
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    Hello all, I brewed up a black IPA recently and dry hopped it with whole hops, I opened up the fermenter today to rack to the keg and it appears there is some bubbly mold looking stuff on top around the hop cones. The beer smells and tastes ok. Please tell me you guys have seen this before as...
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    my simple, 3 tap keezer build

    I've been threatening for a while, and its finally time to start my keezer. I scored a small GE freezer on craglist for 80 bucks and got started this morning. I had a bunch of tongue and groove spruce leftover from another project so I decided to use it for this also. I cut a sheet of...
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    I hate whole hops

    I need to rant...I got off early today and had big plans to come home and get a brew in before dark. My girlfriend got me a pound each of whole leaf, fresh frozen simcoe and citra, which I was pumped about using in my black ipa today. Everything went well until whirlpool time which took forever...
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    diacetyl in IIPA

    I recently got my scoresheet back from a IIPA. I got dinged pretty bad by two judges for having a diacetyl off flavor (buttery, slick mouthfeel). I could not detect it, not sure if my palate isn't as refined or the hops covered it or what, but two certified judges said it was present and I...
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    wlp 800 seems very slow

    I was wondering what other experiences people have had with this yeast. I brewed my first pils not long ago and pitched a whopper starter at 50*. Even in the starter it seemed to be very slow. Lag time was about 40 hours. And now, a week in, fermentation hasn't seemed to exceed about a bubble...
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    Is my beer contaminated?

    Hello all, I brewed a clone of stone's 2010 vertical epic and fear that it may be contaminated. It has been in primary for 19 days now, and has what looks to me like yeast balls/flocs floating on the surface. I used the wyeast belgian ardennes strain as per the suggestion on stone's website...
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    what to do

    I whirlpool using a pump and the setup shown in the pic below. I just got done brewing a huge iipa and wound up with A LOT of break/trub in the fermenter. I think that the huge amount of hops in this beer caused the level to be above my diptube, and I sucked a lot into the fermenter. I have...
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    think this will work for a hopback???

    I found this thing rummaging through the parts room at work today. It was originally designed as a filter for a pesticide sprayer. It was new in the box and has never been used (before someone calls me an idiot for scavenging parts from a pesticide sprayer) I am worried that it isn't going to be...
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    parts question for my herms build

    Hello all, I am about to begin a complete renovation of my brewery, but I have a few questions. I am going to upgrade to jet burners, and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on solenoid valves and pilot assemblies. I have looked around some, but don't really know what is...