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    Same website as the yard glass above....just scrolled down to this item. Damn, what a great invention.
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    Cheyco's CFC

    Yes - from what I have read, standard vinyl would be a mess at this temp. I got some of this after I made mine: Worked great on the first batch with the CFC. #2...
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    Freezer Removal

    True there. I thought that the freezer isn't just IS the cooling system. Do yourself a favor and don't mess with it much.
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    how many BTUs?

    I think that most folks here are using something in the order of the 55,000 btu turkey burners. They will easily bring 3-4 gallons to a pretty quick boil.
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    Rectangular vs. Round Mash Tuns

    This is a great idea - way to build some flexibility into the system. Where were you 4 months ago when I was buying coolers? How do you generate said vacuum? I have seen some threads here regarding using "wort wizard" type devices....any other easy way that I am missing?
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    Did The Vent-Matic Problem Ever Get Solved?

    I ordered one of the Perlick copycat faucets from MoreBeer. I don't know how nice the ventmatic ones are, but the Perlick "replacement" is pretty sweet. And 10 bucks cheaper at MoreBeer's prices. I am ordering another with my next order.
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    Cheyco's CFC

    One minor design improvement that I could offer up to this: use plastic snap clamps for the garden hose to barb connections instead of worm drive type hose clamps. I tried the worm drive ones first, but could not tighten enough to get rid of water leaks. The plastic snap ones don't allow any...
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    Sanitizing a CFC

    Just finished building my CFC per Cheyco's design (very, very easy!), and was wondering: how do all you CFC users sanitize, drain, keep clean, etc. your CFC? I have read about storing them with sanitizer solution in them, is this good practice?
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    Aeration stone sanitation

    I have used mine in milky-white state for many batches now without any negative effect. Still works fine.
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    Propane Burners

    Does anyone have any experience with these types of burners: From some searching around on the internet, they are called "impinged jet" burners, and are supposedly pretty efficient with high heat output. I just get worried by the "have a...
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    Drilling through stainless steel

    I am no machinist, but if you ever watch one of the custom motorcycle building shows on TV, they always use step drills to cut through sheet metal. Not sure all of those guys are what you would call "professional" at what they do, but it looks like it works really well. Something like these...
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    mash tun Temperature Gauge

    For now I am using a 9 inch long dial thermometer that I stick in the top of my 5 gal rubbermaid. It is the thermo that came with my turkey fryer setup, so the resolution isn't the best, but it provides good monitoring. I just drilled a tight fitting hole through the lid of the cooler. I use...
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    Carbonation stone and aquarium pump

    I had the same problem with the aquarium pump. Had to take it back and get the deep water one after realizing that a normal one only worked until a couple inches deep.
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    Question for all you fly spargers

    Uh-oh. I thought that the Listermann mashing manual that came with my sparge arm said to keep the water level just below the top of the grain bed. I can't find the manual tonight though, so maybe I read it wrong. Is 1-2 inches above definitely the standard? Does it really make a difference?
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    Thermometer that records temps?

    I got one at radio shack several years ago for around $20 - it is a combination temp and hygrometer, with max/min tracking for both. Works great - I have used it for monitoring temps in my fermentation room.
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    Mashtun Manifold: Copper or PVC?

    Home depot will definitely have it - look near the toilet repair parts. Just make sure that you buy one that is actually stainless....many of the ones that they carry are made of braided plastic material that is painted silver.
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    Burner large enough to hold keg brewing pot.

    I had a buddy weld an x shaped support made of bar stock onto the top of mine. Problem is that now it is more susceptible to blowing out in only a little bit of breeze due to the keg being about 3/4 of an inch higher up.. I think that I need to add a windscreen onto the outside.
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    ring around the carboy - off flavor?

    Yup, agree there. Doubt the AG has anything to do with it. And the beer did taste VERY good coming out of primary. I did sanitize the hose, but not my mouth. Will try to find a turkey baster type thing that I can sanitize for next batch.
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    ring around the carboy - off flavor?

    So I was racking my latest batch over from secondary (5 gal carboy) to a keg last night, and when I got down near the bottom noticed a sort of yeasty looking ring on the glass about 4 inches from the bottom of the carboy - maybe about 1/16 of an inch from top to bottom of the ring. Colorwise...
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    Rubbermaid vs. Gott cooler

    For what its worth - I think that Gott and Rubbermaid are one and the same. My 5 gallon blue rubbermaids (the $19 at walmart type) have a stamp embedded in the bottom of them that says "Gott Corporation". Looks like Gott was bought out by Rubbermaid at some point? No warpage yet after 1 mash.