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    Glycol chiller/box ac unit

    Anyone know if this is wired incorrectly? Everything was working perfect until I set the unit down to low and the coil froze up. Ever since then the fan will kick on and the compressor just makes a humming noise and then stops, never fully turning on.
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    Session IPA help!

    Hey all- I wanted to make a session IPA similar to "wolf pup session IPA". On their website it lists the grain and hops but obviously lot the schedule. I messed around with what they provided (- two hops. Mosaic & equinox) and put in into beersmith. Not sure if taking those two out will make a...
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    Recipe help/advice

    hey all, first time posting on here also my first time trying to make a recipe. I have a # of citra hop so I wanted to do an all citra NEIPAish beer with a simple grain bill. please let me know what you guys think... 13 lbs 2-row 2 lbs flacked oats 1 oz citra 14.5 aa @ 20 mins 1 oz...