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  1. day_trippr

    Not-So-Obnoxious Baseball Thread

    Red Sox have totally gone plaid tonight, leading Houston 9-0 after a whole three innings, with another grand slam in the mix. Amazing...
  2. day_trippr

    Kegerator build: need help deciding how many taps

    fwiw, I went with 5mm ID EVABarrier for all of my gas systems for the O2 barrier property. Used something like 50 PTC fittings and ~2-1/2 rolls of tubing total. Worth it though... Cheers!
  3. day_trippr

    The (soon to be) great "How's my crush?" Thread!

    fwiw, I once bought a bag of base malt where the kernels were considerably smaller than what I was used to from the likes of Simpsons, Weyermann and Briess. A rather large portion of that malt passed through my mill apparently intact or very nearly so and it did affect the gravity of that batch...
  4. day_trippr

    Ferroday Faucets?

    Hah - I only looked at the second link. That first link is definitely to a rear-sealing faucet from days gone by. Give that one a pass. The second one with the compensator I'm not so sure about... Cheers!
  5. day_trippr

    The (soon to be) great "How's my crush?" Thread!

    fwiw, my primary mill is a CK gapped at .032" for barley (using a legit feeler gauge) and I'd consider that pic above as needing another pass through a tighter gap... Cheers!
  6. day_trippr

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    100% true wrt our pass coverage. I was understating how bad it was using "sieve". Ah well...gotta move on. So...Seattle looks like poopy-on-a-stick without Wilson on the field. That's just so sad for them ;)
  7. day_trippr

    Ferroday Faucets?

    I think that would be considered a "Euro Style beer faucet" of which there are an imperial crapton of choices to be found. I don't think I've run across a direct comparo against any other faucet styles...but then again, if it pours well it'd be fine in my book :) One Intertap/Nukatap shared...
  8. day_trippr

    Torpedo Keg Owners - Wall Thickness?

    One can only wonder how a micrometer could measure keg wall thickness, understanding that the top of the keg (that a micrometer could measure) is welded to the shell. Anyway, why does it matter? It's a keg. Cheers!
  9. day_trippr

    Water treatment for a knucklehead…

    Whoa. "Paging Russ @Buckeye_Hydro!" :oops: There's a lot of issues there - the nitrates is indeed the ball buster health-wise but may be solvable. I may be wrong (I don't think so) but looking at that water report I suspect you should install a water softener for general household water use...
  10. day_trippr

    Random Picture Thread

    Wait - that can't be the original Kingston Trio...can it??
  11. day_trippr

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    I looked at the clock and with 2:11 left and the way the Patriots sieve - I mean, defense - was playing I knew we were screwed. So, ok, we were forecasted to lose this game by like 20+ points. The fact that we were still in it at 2:11 makes it sooo much worse of a loss...
  12. day_trippr

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    That was the most hideous Patriots game I've seen in awhile. Ugh...
  13. day_trippr

    Keg Cop: Keg Monitoring and Control

    Sure - here's a zoomable shot from one end of my keezer showing the plumbed flow meters atop their respective kegs. Note I have six faucets, so the nearest six kegs are hooked up to meters and faucets while the next pair are on gas only and the last pair (shorties on the hump) are for my glass...
  14. day_trippr

    Found bubbles on top of my pale this morning when I went to dry hop, infection?

    Please do not do anything hot with a glass carboy. Bad juju. That's how bottoms suddenly fall out of them... Cheers!
  15. day_trippr

    Mystery Perlick Faucet - Help Identify

    Good question. The 425's shuttle changes the geometry so much from my 525's I can't even picture how they fit, yet they fit the Intertaps obviously. That said, I have read there are constraints on the particular shanks used with the Intertaps and return spring combination, presumably requiring...
  16. day_trippr

    Mystery Perlick Faucet Part II - Faucet Boogaloo

    My six perfectly behaved first generation 525ss Perls out gun your two malcontents for the win! ;) But, seriously, unless there's an actual manufacturing defect, it really comes down to understanding how to set the faucet lever bonnet (#7 in the diagram above). Also, fwiw, adding an Intertap...
  17. day_trippr

    Not-So-Obnoxious Baseball Thread

    ^haunting visage^ :oops: On brighter fronts...'Sox will return home with a 1-1 split and the possibility of winning this series in Fenway. Yeah, a stretch, no doubt, but still... Setting a brand new record of the most grand slams in a post season game is a bonus. That'll have the Red Sox...
  18. day_trippr

    White powder residue from isopropyl alcohol

    I would not use PBW for prolonged soaking of racking canes, autosiphons, or anything else made from polycarbonates, as it can quickly lead to crazing and cracking... Cheers!
  19. day_trippr

    Mystery Perlick Faucet - Help Identify

    Well, no, that would ignore the equally long lines of chromed brass faucets, which are still available today. They're denoted with the "PC" suffix... Cheers!
  20. day_trippr

    Smack pack didn’t pop…

    Once the starter has fermented out you can go ahead and crash and decant... Cheers!