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    Cold conditioning

    I was reading the thread yesterday about the Scottish ale and cold conditioning it for 6 wks to 3 months, so here is my question: I just made a batch of scottish ale 2 weeks ago. I hadn't planned on racking to a secondary, I was just gonna let it sit in the primary until bottling time (4 weeks...
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    fermentation temps

    Just started using my ferm fridge with ranco thermostat. When I first put in the wort to ferment, should I start at room temp (70?) and then bring it down to the right temp when fermentation starts? And after the primary is done and I want to secondary, should it be at the same temp I used for...
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    Yeast starter question

    I made my 1st starter on Sun night, boiled the water and malt for 15 minutes, let it cool down, added liquid yeast( which had swelled) and now it is Tuesday. I swear I never saw any activity out of it that I could tell. What should I be looking for exactly. Also, I am brewing tomorrow. Think the...
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    Ranco thermostat settings

    Just got mine, and it has a heating setting, and a cooling setting. Since I am heating the fridge to a warmer temp, is that which one I use?
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    Airlock or Blow off?

    I am getting ready to brew a scottish ale 80/- in a 6.5 carboy. Would an airlock be alright or should go with the blow off tube? Also, is the tubing at lowe's or someplace like that the same as you would get from your LHBS? Thanks!
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    Opinion on St Louis LHBS's

    Anyone from St Louis have a preference on where to go? I know about Worms Way and the St Louis Beer And Wine in Chesterfield, but I haven't been to either of them. Which is better, and is there anyplace else?