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  1. J

    Apfelwein question

    So I have a 5 gal carboy of EdWort's apfelwein that I made in January of 2009...For reasons more involved than I have time or space to get into, I was never able to bottle it, so it's been sitting in the primary fermentor (in my cool and dark cellar) for a year and a half. I have tried to keep...
  2. J

    need help fast with blow off problem

    This is only my fourth batch and I have a problem. I have a batch that went into primary on saturday night. This morning, there is foam literally pouring out of my airlock. Is it too late to switch over to a blowoff, or should I just let it overflow? I'm afraid the airlock holes will clog...
  3. J

    Is Party Pig worth it???

    I'm interested in getting on of these suckers. I see it as a good step between bottling and kegging (which I currently don't have the resources for). Just wondering what others experiences have been and if it's worth the $50 or so investment. If I do a 5 gallon extract or partial, can I...
  4. J

    Newb needs feedback/help/insight

    Hey all: My first post :mug: Thanks in advance for sitting through this long post...not sure if this is the right forum, but hopefully it is... So after lots of reasearch on this board and a couple of Brewers Best "kit" beers - which turned out alright IMHO, I'm looking to step out...