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    Pear Cider

    as i am quite new i was just curious what i could achieve and how long it would take for a pear cider to get to bottling stage. i have just started the pear cider, it had a gravity reading of 1.058 and is a batch of 1 gallon. im not to sure if it needs to be racked, placed into secondary...
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    small scale brewing

    in a few months i will be able to get hold of nice fresh apples and pears from near by tree's "friendly neighbours" and i don't want to take advantage so much that i make like 5+ gallons of cider.. all the ciders i have been making have been from cartons of juice "pure" and i want to try and...
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    murky cider

    i have been producing cider for about a year now, and was always using dextrose in the initial fermentation, i have made a batch only 8 litres using dark brown sugar instead of dextrose at the beggining. it has been a while and still isn't clearing up, i have used finings to try and clear it...