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  1. BluePants

    Taste of Scorching

    Morning all, So I've got a pretty big RIMS system set up and have had some batches that make me think Im scorching the wort. Ive got a 6 kW low density element in my RIMS. I'm kind of looking for someone to help me figure out if this is the problem, because I think I have a solution if it...
  2. BluePants

    Screwed up My Hole Placement

    So I got some fittings welded to these 55 gallon barrels that I picked up. I'm going to place them on the brewstand that I build and I was worried about clearance of the valves underneath so I authorized the welder to put them in the middle of the barrels. Problem is, now I have effectively...
  3. BluePants

    1.5" Sanitary Tri clamp Valves

    So, Im working on a 1.5 Barrel system with SS drums, have been putting together the nanobrewery for a while and Im starting to figure out how to automate the thing. Ive got the heating figured out, will probably be running with the BCS from ECC (thats not what this thread is about) to control...
  4. BluePants

    SS Drum Mash Tun

    Okay, so I've been searching around for a while to see if anyone has addressed this topic to no avail. I recently got my hands on some 55 Gallon SS Drums from a closed down winery and would like to build a very large system for doing club brews. Unfortunately, these are somewhat on loan so I...
  5. BluePants

    Beer for a future Brew Babe

    So my girlfriend tries really hard to appreciate my hobby of homebrewing, but she's not the biggest fan of most of the beers that I like (namely hoppier, stronger, darker) beers. So I recently tried to brew the Centennial Blonde to accommodate her and the feedback was that it was too light...
  6. BluePants

    First All Grain Batch A Success

    I had some fellow brewers over and we cranked out 9 gallons of Pale Ale. Everything seems to have gone smoothly. As this was my first batch, I underestimated the efficiency (assumed 68%). I was trying to brew 8 gallons at 1.052 and ended up with 9 at 1.050. I think I underestimated how crazy...