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  1. thePudwhack

    My First Starter, Suck Back in Fridge

    Hey All, I've used both dry yeast and smack packs, but I've never made a starter until this past weekend. I bought this starter kit from Midwest, complete with 1L Erlenmeyer and 1lb of Light DME, and used their instructions with this link as a guide. The whole process was pretty friggin...
  2. thePudwhack

    Grain Storage Container

    Just picked this up at Walmart the other day. All 50 lbs of Malt fit nicely. It's a 50 qt container and the label said it would hold 50 lbs of bird seed. As you can see, there's room to spare. It was a little pricey, ~$17, but it has casters, an airtight lid, and great...