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  1. Docnector

    IPA tips/tricks/recomendations?

    I too am doing my second batch ever. I am brewing an IPA today & got the kit from Austin Homebrew Supply. An American IPA extract kit with alcohol boost & yeast fuel using the California Ale yeast. It has been an easy step by step process so far. Will hope to have it ready right after...
  2. Docnector

    Barley Wine

    I would like to try a Barley Wine. I have been looking at receipes & found so many that I am overwhelmed by what to choose. Would you folks please let me know what recipes have worked for you. If you have used a kit, let me know which kits worked well & where you got them from? Thanks! :tank:
  3. Docnector

    IPA tips/tricks/recomendations?

    OK I just ordered a kit from Austin Homebrew. I need to know if I need to get some additional hops for dry hopping? (Know nothing about dry hopping) I ordered the 1% alcohol booster & the white labs calafornia yeast. This is the extract kit. So to all you IPA experts please advise what else I...
  4. Docnector

    IPA tips/tricks/recomendations?

    I am in the exact same situation. I am ready to do my 2nd brew ever & want to do an IPA. I want to order a kit on ebay so it is already put together. Do you recomend one brand over another, Brewers Best, True Brew or Coopers. Anyone have experiance with any of these 3 brands?