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    Home brewing can be dangerous....

    So today my buddy and I did a dual brew together. He was brewing a Flat Tire clone and I was brewing an American Pale Ale. We had everything set up on the balcony at my apartment and everything was going well. After a while we started to smell propane. I knew something wasn't right because...
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Keg Conversion

    Here are the pics of my Frigidaire FRC445GB Kegerator Conversion. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I didnt realise the lens on my camera was dirty till we were about done. Supplies: Frigidaire 4.4 from Lowes Keg Connection Kegerator Conversion Misc...
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    Low bitterness high aroma?

    Can anyone tell me a good extract kit that has low bitterness and High aromas? I love the aromas of say a Hazed and Infused and like how the IBUs are low. Please help I'm running out of homebrew!!
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    Thermostat Relocation

    I'm doing a keggerator conversion on a Frigidaire mini-fridge right now and need to know how to relocate the thermostat. I want to fit two 5 gallon kegs in the fridge but they won't fit without moving the temp control. Is there a step by step thread on here regarding this? Thanks for any input.
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    Swamp Cooler Help Please

    Yesterday I brewed a batch of beer and put the fermenter in a big rubbermaid tub full of water. I read somewhere that you shouldn't put ice in the water before it starts fermenting. This morning I woke up and the airlock was bubbling slightly. I put 9 frozen bottles of water in the ice to...
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    What Else Do I Need For Kegging?

    I'm getting this kegerator kit for Christmas..... And Im getting this mini fridge for the conversion.... I need to know what else I need for kegging...
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    What happened??

    I recently brewed the Gold Seal Blonde Ale kit from Austin Homebrew Supply. Its been in the bottle for 2.5 weeks so I tried one tonight. It was really bad. It has an extremely strong alcohol taste. I just don't know where I went wrong... I hope it gets better with time.
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    Need Some Advice Please

    I've brewed 3 batches... Fat Tire clone, Gold Seal Blonde Ale, and Smuttynose Robust Porter. I really want to do an IPA next so what do you think is the best extract IPA kit I should do for my first? I love the taste of Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale but I can't find that kit anywhere. Any...
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    Is it to early to start Kegging?

    I started brewing beer about a month ago and only have three partial boil extracts under my belt. I have a mini refrigerator and Im thinking about converting it to a kegerator. Is it too early to start kegging my beer? Should I wait till later on down the road when I move into AG?
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    Need a New Kit to Make...

    I've brewed a Fat Tire clone and a Blonde Ale and I haven't gotten to try them yet. The Fat Tire clone is bottled and still has two or three weeks to go. So while Im waiting I want to brew another batch. Im thinking about doing a porter. Does anybody know of a good Extract Porter kit from AHS or...
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    Is Something Wrong?

    I brewed my first batch on October 1st. It was a Fat tire clone from midwest supply. Tonight I opened my primary to see what it was looking like and I got a big whiff of it and it burned my nose. So I have a question... does this sound right?? I hope it hasn't soured or anything. It has been...
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    Xingu Clone

    I brewed my first batch last Thursday and I'm already thinking about my second. Has anyone tried the Xingu Clone for AHS? I like this beer a lot and I was just wondering if it would be a good one for a second batch....
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    Tastes Bitter... What do I do?

    I took my first hydrometer reading tonight after 4 days of fermentation. I was unable to take a reading after I brewed because it had not come in the mail yet. After I took the reading, which was 1.007, I tried the beer and it tasted very bitter. Will this bitter taste even out or will the...
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    Always use a blow off??

    I'm planning on brewing my first batch tomorrow. I do not have a blow off hose but I really want to start tomorrow (I ordered one but it hasn't been delivered yet) . I have all the equipment i need but no blow off hose. Do I need a blow off hose? The fermentation process will take place in my...
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    Is this a good beer for my first?

    Well my first brew will be on Thursday and I'm kinda nervous. I've been reading through for a while and I think I can stumble through the process. The beer kit I have chosen for my first is called "Flat Tire." I love the New Belgium beer Fat Tire and just thought it would be...