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    Cloudy beer from kegs

    The beer taste fine, it just looks like im drinking motor oil. They have only been in there for a 7-8 days and this is my first time using my kegerator, hopefully time will clear it out. Not that I personally care, its just a hard sell for the miller lite drinkers of the world.
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    Cloudy beer from kegs

    i'm having the same problem
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    Racking to bottling bucket

    Should I suck up all the yeast/gunk at the bottom or try to leave that behind?
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    Sam Adams Tripple Bock ( 8 oz Blue Bottle )

    I can't wait until fall to buy some Ocktober Fest, it's probably my favorite commercial beer. I dont get the Sam Adam's hate from people on this board, it's a main stream beer that actually respects beer. We're not talking about Miller Wheat here...
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    Bierkeller Dark LME Does dark mean stout or does dark just mean darker.