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    concerned about my IPA... any thoughts?

    i bottled an IPA tonight. it was in primary for 1 week and secondary for 3 weeks. when i bottled it tonight it had a funky smell, like fruity , my girlfriend said it smelled sour. is this infection? im pretty good about sanitizing and what not. there was not visiul evidence of an infection...
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    when is hop season?

    all those hops my LHBS is out of, when should i expect them to be restocked? when does the season start/end?
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    new belgium 1554 enlightened black ale or Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar clones?

    im looking for a extract recipe for a new belgium 1554 enlightened black ale clone and a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar clone. anyone have any ideas?
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    recipe for widmer hefeweizen clone?

    i like widmer hef and would like to make something similar to it. any recipes you could give me so that i might be able to achieve my goal?
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    advice on shipping beer...

    so i live in redwood city, near san francisco, and my brother lives in los angeles. i want to send him a couple of the beers i've made. would they be ok if i put a couple bottles in a padded box and shipped them down there? would all that moving around (and temp. changes i'm sure) have a...
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    your opinions on timing. filter on siphon?

    i would like to know your opinions on how long, in general, i should keep a brew in primary, how long i should keep it in secondary then how long i should keep it in bottles before drinking it. i was also curious if i could possibly attach a filter to the end of my siphon hose that goes into...
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    10% bleach in airlock?

    i keep reading how everyone uses vodka is their airlocks, i used 10%-ish bleach. then i read about suck back during fermentation. i was under the impression that co2 would prevent any suck back of the liquid in the airlock. should i not be using bleach in my airlock? 10% isnt very...
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    can you tell me if my brew looks good? (pics)

    so last night i started my second brew and my first using a glass carboy (so i can see inside now). I was hoping i could show a couple pic's and see what you all thought about how it looked? the recipe is for a columbus IPA any comments or advice would be really appreciated. THanks! -Matt...
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    leaving hops in the fermenter

    about two weeks ago i started my first fermentation. the instructions i had told me to transfer the cooled wort into my fermenter and to not attempt to strain the wort at this point, so i didn't and i left my bittering, flavoring and aroma hops in my fermenter (in their mesh baggies) along with...