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    CL find, Seattle area, Free Bar Parts (not mine) "my bar just went out of buisness i got a couple hundred free beer kegs i also have the tapps and many other bar items im in everett " Seems too good to be true? Someone has to check this out!
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    Excited for my new sanke HLT

    Long story not so short...., I finally got around to converting a 1/2 barrel sanke to a HLT for my burgeoning brewery. I went to harbor freight and picked up cheap angle grinder that was on sale for 9.95 to cut the top off. I tried to create one of the various jigs I have seen on HBT but alas...
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    Any good brewpubs in Denver?

    Hey all, I am headed out to Denver this weekend for a work related conference. We will be staying at the Curtis hotel which looks like it is in Downtown Denver. Are there any brewpubs, breweries, bars, etc in the area that are too good to be missed? :mug: Thanks
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    Which chiller to use?

    Yah, I know this has probably been asked a million times, but never did I think I would take possession of 3 different types of chillers at the same time. I picked up this lot on craigslist last night for a reasonable sum :ban: and when I got home I realized there were 3 wort chillers in one of...
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    Need specs on Gambrinus ESB malt

    I am looking for the potential yield on Gambrinus ESB malt. Brewers Supply Group :: Gambrinus Malting Their website is helpful on most of the details, but not on everything. I am looking for the potential yield, or points per gallon. Any help out there?
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    What is the best way to drill a hole in a tower?

    So I scored a single tap tower setup for relatively cheap but would rather have a twin tap tower. It looks like my cheapest option is to just add a tap to it by drilling a hole and buying the kit from keg connection. My only concern is how do I go about drilling this hole. Would a hole saw work...
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    60 minute hop addition, all bitterness no flavor?

    It's a simple question with hopefully a simple answer. Does the hop addition at the beginning of the boil add any discernible amount of hop flavor to the finished beer or is it's only purpose to add bitterness. If I was to replace the chinook bittering hops with magnum at the 60 minute point...