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    Why back sweeten?

    I've never made cider before, and I want to make a fairly sweet cider. I've noticed everyone seems to let their ciders ferment completely, then back sweeten. I'm wondering if I can just taste it daily as the gravity drops and bottle and pasteurize when it reaches the desired level. I'm trying to...
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    Super Moss instructions

    The directions on my Super Moss say to add it to 4 oz of cooled wort, shake vigorously, then add it to the boil. It's not a huge deal but anyone know why I can't just add it directly to the boil like I've always done with regular Irish moss?
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    What happened to my pot?

    Pot used to be that same blue color throughout and smooth to the touch. Now it's whitish and rough feeling. I might have had some star-san or oxy-clean sitting in it for a while at some point, don't really remember. Not sure what metal it's made of. Any reason not to keep using it?
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    Wyeast 1728 vs. White Labs 028

    Ok, I'm confused about this. From what I can tell these two are supposedly the same strain (McEwans), but the recommended temperature range for each one is completely different. Wyeast lists it as 55-75 for 1728, and plenty of people seem to like using it at the lower end of that range. But...
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    Did I make bottle bombs?

    A couple days ago I bottled two five-gallon all-grain batches that had been sitting in primary for two weeks, a 1.050 brown ale and a 1.054 milk stout. I primed each with four ounces of corn sugar. I pitched half a yeast cake of WLP 002 from a 3% session beer into each one, and I've never had...
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    What will these random ingredients taste like?

    I've been trying to get to my LHBS for a while, which is difficult because it's an hour away, they close at 6:00, and I work a lot. When I finally managed to get there the other day it was almost closing time, and I had multiple recipes I wanted to buy, but when I go inside I find out they are...
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    How much ice?

    I have been fermenting my ales in 5 gallon glass carboys in my laundry room, where it stays a constant 68 degrees. According to my stick-on thermometer my temps haven't been getting above 70 so far, but I've been under-pitching, which I plan to rectify. I'd like to start using an ice bath to...
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    SMaSH OG and hops

    I would like to start doing some small experimental batches to get a taste for different ingredients, and also while I am at it build up my yeast for my bigger batches. I want to start with some SMaSHes to compare different base grains. What I am wondering is what is a good OG to shoot for? I...