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    Help diagnosing persistent off flavor

    So, for my water I use RO and add minerals depending on what I'm brewing. My most recent brew that had this problem was a Koelsch. I'd have to grab my brew log to give you the exact mineral content, but it was a fairly soft and pilsner-like profile. Seatazz, you asked about my procedure. My...
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    Help diagnosing persistent off flavor

    Hmm. I'm thinking it's probably the age of my hops pellets. I used fresh hops (as in last Fall's) in my current batch that I'm cold crashing atm. If the flavor is clean this time then that will clear this up. If not I'll have to look into either microscopy or streak plating to check for...
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    Help diagnosing persistent off flavor

    Hey. So I’ve been all-grain brewing for several years now. Initially my batches (all ales save one lager) worked out well but in my more recent brews something I’m having a hard time identifying is creating the same off flavor from batch to batch (the past three batches or so). I’ve changed...