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    Tangerine Mead

    Has anyone had experience making Tangerine/citrus meads? I have a tree full of tangerines in the backyard that will be ripe in about a month. I have no idea what kind they are but we eat them every year. They are very sweet and fairly tart. How many tangerines per gallon? How much zest should i...
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    Aging Temp

    Can anyone tell me what temperature I should be aging my mead at? If possible I would like to get it out of the cool room it's in and put it in the back of the house where it's a bit hotter. What's the optimal temperature? Also... what would happen if I were to age it in the fridge? Thanks
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    Sour Apple Cider

    So to follow up on the holiday cider I made is sour. I'm thinking it was the apple pie filling that I uses: 10 Cans Apple Juice Concentrate (5 gallons worth) 5 cinnamon sticks 6 cloves 2 oranges (zest only) 1 30oz can of easy pumpkin pie mix (pre-spiced pumpkin) 1 16oz can of apple pie...
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    Holiday Cider

    Does anyone have a recipe for a 'holiday' cider? I'm hoping to make it soon and let it age until around Christmas time. I'm thinking apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, clove, mulling spices, that type of thing... Any ideas/suggestions/recipes?
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    Does anyone have any good recipes for liqueurs? I have both a lemon and vanilla liqueur/vodka that I've made a week ago that I haven't tried yet. For the lemon I took 15 or so lemons worth of zest in a 750 ml vodka with vodka. For the vanilla vodka, I used about 5 vanilla beans, which is...
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    Cider Yeast

    Does anyone have any experience with "Cider Yeast"? I was looking at Northern Brewer and found this in their yeast list: This looks great to play around with, I'd love to try all kinds of fruit juices. Any ideas?