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    DIY Stirplate questions

    Hi all. I'm working on a stirplate & I had a couple questions. I've pulled some rare earth magnets out of an HDD, but I'm having trouble separating them from the metal pieces their bonded to. Recommendations on how to remove them? Also - I'll be using a 1L flask for my starters. Would you...
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    Hotbreak boilover w/starter

    Hi all, So I've made a couple starters using a 1L Erlenmeyer flask and everytime I boil my DME I run into the same issue. I want to use 1 vessel to reduce the risk of contamination, but I continually get boil-over. It seems like my 1L flask isn't big enough to handle the hotbreak I get from...
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    Stuck Fermentation

    As far as the starter is concerned - should I pitch it when the yeast is lively and has a mini-krausen going, or should I wait until it's settled? If it's the former I imagine I'll pitch the lot - starter wort included...correct? Sorry for all the questions...I don't want to waste this batch...
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    Stuck Fermentation

    Are the yeasties really going to be able to do their job properly in the wort w/out any O2?
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    Stuck Fermentation

    Thanks Revvy. Should I make a starter first or would I be fine just pitching another smack pack? I'm inclined to make a starter. Also - would I need to re-aerate my wort? Will this have any negative impact on flavor? Thanks, Michael
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    Stuck Fermentation

    Thanks for all the info folks. Quick update - I've let it sit tight now for another 10 days since my last post. Took a reading yesterday - currently at 1.050. That's a drop of .006 in 10 days. Should I still sit on my hands here or does it appear to be trailing off? At this rate it will take...
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    Stuck Fermentation

    I brewed a Gulden Draak clone last Monday - mixed up a 1 L starter on the previous Thursday or Friday(tho to be clear I'm pretty sure my OG on the starter was too low). OG of wort came to 1.112 - took a reading last night at 1.056. Fermentation has slowed considerably - I'd say a bubble every...
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    yet another kegerator thread

    Not my build, but it's pretty straight forward. Oster kegerator
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    Dry-hopping w/pellets in a secondary...

    Thanks all for the input!
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    Dry-hopping w/pellets in a secondary...

    So I'm making a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone & it calls for some dry-hopping, which I have not done before. I am supposed to dry hop in the secondary, and my question is this: since I am using hop pellets, won't that negate the clarifying effects of the secondary? I don't want to end up with...
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    Beer Clone books?

    It's time to start making my Christmas list...and I need some help. Any recommendations for Beer Clone Recipe books? Or homebrewing books in general? Thanks!
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    Bottle Conditioning/Secondary Fermentation

    I've got a quick question regarding using a secondary fermenter when bottle conditioning. I know the goal of using a secondary is to clear the beer as much as possible, but does this adversely affect your ability to bottle condition the beer? I bottled about a week & a half ago after using the...
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    Basic high gravity Porter recipe for a Christmas Ale...

    Hi all- I'm trying to put together a recipe for a holiday porter. I've searched through the recipe database for a basic starting point recipe for a robust Porter that would go well with some other spices such as Cinnamon & Ginger, but I haven't found anything that really jumped out at me. I'm...
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    Yeast starter questions...

    Thanks for all the info - I brewed yesterday & saw plenty of action in the fermentor no more than 1.5 hrs after pitching my starter. First time I've reaped the rewards of using a blowoff tube...thank god. Looks good so far! -Michael
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    Yeast starter questions...

    Hoooookay, well what's done is done - any reason I can't cultivate any yeast from this batch? So I don't need to worry about any waste at the bottom - just pitch the lot?
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    Yeast starter questions...

    Ok, so I'm looking to brew a Belgian Strong Golden Ale this weekend, and I've made a yeast starter from my Wyeast Strong Ale activator. I did some calculations on Mr Malty to determine that in order achieve the cell count I need to handle my planned OG of 1.090 I needed to make about 2 gallons...
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    Cleaning bottles in dishwasher question...

    Hi all, So I was thinking of cleaning my bottles for bottling day in the dishwasher, but I've read that I shouldn't use typical detergent. Any suggestions/input on whether I should or should not clean them in the dishwasher, and if so - any cleaning solution/detergent I should use? Thx
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    CO2 levels for an English Brown Ale?

    The calculator works great. Thanks!
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    CO2 levels for an English Brown Ale?

    I'm closing in on my first bottling day, and I'm looking for the appropriate CO2 level I should aim for with the Nut Brown Ale I'm brewing (Northern Brewer kit, btw). I'm guessing the appropriate serving temp should be between 50-55 degrees F. The reason I'd like to know, if it wasn't obvious...