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  1. c72

    Papazian's Palace Bitter - Primary ferment time?

    So a friend who has a little more experience (I am a kit brewer) helped me with this and was fairly adamant that it spend several days, 4, maybe 5, in primary (never heard of this before) and go into secondary for about the same period. We bottled a little over week after the boil. Frankly I'm...
  2. c72

    I like to stir things. Stir 'em up. Yes I do.

    My third batch, an American Pale Ale. Pitched my yeast (Windsor) into the fermenting pail. Said to myself: ;) So I stuck my sanitized spoon in and gave it a a good stir. As I was doing this the words "TOP FERMENTING YEAST" rolled across my brain like a herd of buffalo. :( The beers been in...
  3. c72

    "dead" beers

    I was randomly going through the forums here and read a pretty interesting posts about cask conditioned English mild ale and "table" beers. This got me thinking about "dead" beers, styles of beer that have for whatever reason are no longer widely produced & consumed. I'm guessing there's...
  4. c72

    what a crock!

    Visiting with my grandmother I let slip that I had started brewing beer at home. Turns out my grandfather and great grandfather brewed beer, before WWII, I'm guessing, with local ingredients. Apparently this part of WI used to produce a bit of hops (you can still find "volunteer" hops as you...
  5. c72

    question about ferment temp

    Using a Brewer's Best EPA extact kit w/ Muntons dry yeast. My 2nd batch. Pitched the yeast into the fermenter Monday night. Airlock going like crazy early Tuesday morning when I checked before work and still going when I got home. Watched it for 5 minutes this morning, nothing. So 36...
  6. c72

    ProForce Sanitizer

    Anyone ever used this and want to report the results? Picked up a gallon @ 5 dollars of this: Looks like the active ingredient is ammonium chloride. Stoked to see it's no rinse, seems like a good value, should make...