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    Symptoms of contamination??

    Cider has been in the vessel for 2 weeks now, stopped bubbling half a week ago. There was a problem with the cap for the vessel earlier on, may have caused a contamination. But now the taste of the cider is very watery, sour, and it has a slight greenish cast to it. I would say that it is...
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    Suspected leak.....ARGH

    I used one of the cider kits, and the instructions say that it is ready to drink within a week, when it is starting to clear and the air trap has finished bubbling. I had a quick taste just to check it, it tastes very watery and sour/bitter, it has also not started to go clear yet, 8 days after...
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    Suspected leak.....ARGH

    Thanks for the help, i tried blue tack to seal it all round the edge of the cap. Its working now, the air trap is bubbling merrily. I wasn't worried aqbout it for now, i was more worried about when the gas inside it cools down (there is about 5 litres worth of gas in there), and shrinks, and so...
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    Suspected leak.....ARGH

    I am brewing 18 litres of cider in a 23 litre container, it has a 4 inch screw top with a hole in the top for bung. I was worried becuase nothing was happening in my air trap even a few days after i set it going. However, when i put my ear to the tank, i can hear the fizzing. I had a sniff...