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    Is my leaking wine kit ok?

    OK, heres the deal. I ordered two kits from Northern and both had problems. They were both Cellar Craft, one was the Red Mountain version and the other was the regular Cab with the grape pack. I called Northern and they promptly resent me the grape pack from the Red Mountain and the...
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    How many marbles?

    How many marbles equal roughly 1 gallon? Can be pounds or quantity! Im sure someone must have an idea, I just cant find an answer.
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    Free bottles anyone??? YMMV

    If you have a local bottle manufacturer, go ask them if they would mind giving you some transition glass bottles. They run through thousands of bottles when they change colors, and you can tell at all.
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    Good places for low shipping?

    I know of austin, and northern, anybody know of any other places where the shipping is pretty reasonable?
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    Starsan question

    Perhaps I have overlooked it in all my reading, but... I bottled some wine, cleaned out the carboy, then put the cleaning solution back in the carboy made sure it was all contacted and drained it into a cup overnight. Once it was dry, I put a carboy cap on it. Is it safe to use next...
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    Did I get duped?

    Went to LHBS and picked up some campden tablets, but he also talked me into buying some metabasulphite tritrets ($16) so I could test it before I added them. Is that neccessary? I cannot find anything about them on this forum, they dont seem very popular. He said if its high enough (50...
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    Bottling my first Oktoberfest lager

    Pulled it out of the fridge and was gonna get everything ready to bottle when my wife said "What are you doing?" Duh! No go, we have to leave, I would assume its ok to leave it out since once its in bottles it will sit at room temp anyway, is that true? Anything else besides priming...
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    Northern Brewer Kolsh

    I find this to be a very good beer, and highly recommend it. All my friends really enjoyed it as well, so much so it went too fast. Alot of my friends really like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, one of them said its everything good about SN without the super bitter after taste. Just my...
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    Headspace and bulk aging

    So, I degassed and went to start topping off my 6.5 gallon carboy when I realized I should be using a 6 gallon carboy so that I can properly top the thing off, from what I read now would be a good time to go buy some marbles for future batches (i have one 5 gallon and four 6.5 gallon carboys but...
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    Degassing wine technique

    So I am scheduled (provided I get consecutive readings) to degas my wine in a few days. I was going to buy a mix-stir or something similiar but then saw where a guy used a foodsaver to do it on utube (I think it came from this forum). They said they wouldnt do it on a full size carboy, has...
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    2 Weeks into my first lager, now what?

    So much conflicting information, rack to secondary, just keep it there. I dunno, so I am asking, again... I keep reading about people just leaving it there it will taste better (thats good), the northernbrewer instructions say to rack, but other than that they are vague about temps. I...
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    Selection Estate Series Crushendo anyone tried this?

    Im thinking about buying one of these kits, anybody try it yet? Comes with pulp and everything in the juice.
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    Fermenting Wine Stinks

    way more than any beer ive ever done has. The room its in smells awful. :mug:
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    Does this look OK? My first lager.

    Working on my first lager and so far its not looking as familiar as normal, heres a pic, you can see that theres a dark line around the top that looks like dirt and if you look to the back of the carboy theres about a 1" area where the entire top of the krausen is dark like that. I put the...
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    Should I use this yeast?

    I ordered an Octoberfest from northernbrewer and after 5 days the smack pack had no activity so I called them and they shipped me a new one yesterday, today it has finally swelled 6 days later, should I use it? I planned to brew on Sunday, but now I am not sure I will have time to make a...
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    Another starter yeast questiong

    I want to brew my Octoberfest, but I have family coming and the are getting in the way! So, next week I will be out of town on Thursday and Friday and coming home on Saturday, but I would like to brew on Sunday. Question is, can I do my starter yeast on say Tuesday, and another small batch...
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    Lost part of my airlock

    I seem to have misplaced the small cap that sits inside the airlock, and dont have an extra, so I fitted some hose in a stopper and put the hose in the water of the cooling bucket (tub, shirt, fan thing) and for good measure poored a bit of sanitizer in the bucket. This is basically a blow...
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    Starter Yeast Question

    Ok, so my first ale is currently in the secondary fermenter and reading what I have on this forum I just hope it doesnt taste bad. My advisor may have given me some misleading information, but his has always tasted ok, so I hope it turns out. Im gonna do a Kolsh next and then go for an...