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    New Jersey Bunch of stuff really cheap - NJ pick up only

    I have a bunch of beer making stuff I need to get rid of. These kits were all purchased around February, March and April and come with kit instructions and hops for the all grain kits. Also have some other brewing stuff. What I am hoping for is that someone will pick this up and share with the...
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    Just looking for opinions / guidance. I brewed 2 batches of beer (5 gallons each) about 5 years ago and still have them in my basement. Both batches were brewed, yeast added, fermentation completed with airlocks and the airlocks were filled with water for over a year. 1 is in a glass carboy...
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    Austing Homebrew Supply Sucks [er..Problem solved]

    nothing to see here