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  1. J

    Critique IPA recipe

    Here's a recipe i'm working on and I would like some input from this fine group of brewers. 10 gal. 16# 2-row 2# crystal 1# toasted pale malt 4oz. chinook boiling 2.5oz. hallertauer aroma local brewmasters IPA yeast Any input, criticism, pitfalls or suggestions will not go to...
  2. J

    Pale 2-row vs. crystal malt

    What are the differences, intended uses, or characteristics of these two malts? I'm a sausage maker trying to learn about brewing beer, it's a natural succession, I'd appreciate any info. My first two recipes that I am working on are an IPA and a hefe weissen.
  3. J

    hefe weiss recipes anyone?

    in the process of gathering information and would appreciate some assistance. I'm looking for a few all grain hefe weiss recipes, thanks. joe.
  4. J

    grain bill for a traditional classic hefe weisse

    Could i get a grain bill or a link to a traditional hefe? I'm looking for a basic recipe, thanks. joesausage.
  5. J

    "dried malt extract"

    The recipe i'm looking at is an ipa, first time brew, the recipe calls for "light or amber dried malt extract". Does this mean that i can buy the prescribed weight from the recipe of light or amber malted barley? I would appreciate an interpretation, thanx.
  6. J

    Why does recipe call for gypsum?

    Been looking at some recipes for my first homebrew. The IPA i'm looking at calls for gypsum- what does this do for the resulting brew and what the heck is it? Also, the recipe calls for, 5.5#"light or amber plain dried malt extract". does this mean 5.5# malted barley or the equivalent of...