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    Aging in a keg worm or cold temp

    Hi all, My question is I brewed a Oktoberfest ale 2 weeks ago. I would like to age it for 2 month. Beer smith instruction said to push 12.5 PSI of Co2 for 2 month at 39 degrees, but since a keg is essentially a big bottle should it be aged at room temp? And if so how much Co2 should I push...
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    1st lager

    Hello all, I brewed my 1st lager last night, I used WLP820 yeast. This is my 1st lager, and I had the yeast in room temp for about 3 hours. I pitched the yeast when the wort was at 55 degrees. Just like the instruction said. Did I do anything wrong? Did I have to keep the yeast cold since...
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    Not sure if this was answered before, so forgive me for asking again. how much oxiclean should be used for a 5 gal batch? i use PBW now in a patcket and I would like to go with Oxiclean. Thanks
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    Apfelwein noob questions

    Hello folks, i got a few questions to ask about Apfelwein. 1) Is Apfelwein a wine or beer? 2) In the post it said add corn sugar to carbonated it. Is it a matter of Preference? 3) what kind of bottle to use? wine bottles or reguar beer bottles? 4) The only way to sweeten...
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    Better bottle VS glass

    I would like to make some wine, I was wondering if you need a glass carboy for the aging of the wine, or can i use a better bottle carboy? thank you
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    12oz vs 22oz

    Hello Folks, I have a question regarding alcohol in bottles. I brewed a Belgium wit. 5 weeks ago. The abv was 7.9 %. I bottle my beer in a 22 oz bottles, instead of 12oz. My question is since I bottle in 22 oz, does it mean I have almost 15% alcohol in a bottle. Or is it still 7.9%
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    Vanilla Amber beer

    Hello again folks, I’m on my 4th brew. I’ve done a 90 shilling, which turned out outstanding. I’ve done a blue moon clone with 7.7 % abv bottled last night. Also have an Easy street wheat in primary right now. My question is has anyone ever done a vanilla amber beer? I bought a kit...
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    Easy street wheat clone

    Hello folks, I found this recipe here Odell Brewing Easy Street Wheat (5 gallon, extract with grains) Ingredients 3.3 Briess wheat malt extract syrup 1 lb. Briess Wheat dry malt extract 2 lb. Wheat malt .5 lb. Munich malt 1 lb. 20L Crystal Malt 3.75 AAUs Cascade hops (.75 oz. of 5.0 alpha...
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    So I brewed my 1st batch of beer. on the 2nd fermentation, I started seeing some white spots in my beer. I opened up the Carboy and it didn't smell bad at all. It smelled like beer. the question I have is it mold or is it yeast just swimming on top. I did take some out and tasted it, and...