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  1. reif.erik

    Carbonation levels too low, not enough psi?

    So I kegged my beer for the first time this weekend. The directions I got from my LHBS say to hook it up at 35 psi and shake for ~30 secs, let settle and repeat if necessary until desired carbonation levels. I assume its the regulator that I have, but my tank will only go up to ~18 psi so I...
  2. reif.erik

    My first brew is fermenting, fingers crossed...

    Hey guys, Just got a homebrew setup last week and got to do my first brew this weekend. I have a couple of questions and would love other input/criticisms. First off, here is the recipe and what I did, along with my initial reading. 4/26/08 Modified American Pale Ale O.G. 1.054 5 Gal...