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  1. bniesen

    Wisconsin Entire Brewing set up for sale

    2 patio burners w/wind gards = $100 empty bottles (at least 4 cases 12oz and 2 cases 22oz)= $25 counter flow wortchiller = $50 mash tun cooler (15gal)w/ copper manifold = $60 March pump = $125 Silicone hoses with camlocks = $50 table top bottler w/bottle tree and bottling bucket = $50 (2) 6.5gal...
  2. bniesen

    Weird fermentation differences

    So, here is what I did. I brewed 10 gallons of a Cream Ale, split the batch between a pair of 6.5 gal carboys. I used 2 different jars of washed American Ale 1056. I have one carboy with about an inch of krausen, while the other carboy had krausen that blew the airlock and bung clean off. I...
  3. bniesen

    March Pump + CFC:Do I really need to bag my hops?

    I know this has been done to death but I can't find a definite answer. I plan on brewing an IPA this weekend and I would like to get away from using a hop bag. I started using a March pump a few batches ago along with a DIY CFC (3/8" dia.). I am going to use 3 oz. of hop pellets throughout the...
  4. bniesen

    Re-Using yeast question

    I am wondering if it I will get any "crossover" flavors from using washed yeast that was used in a "Afelwein". I am going to use Weizen 3068 yeast in a batch of Apfelwein and I am planning on re-using it when I brew my Weizenbock. Is there a possibility that I could get some/any "undesirable"...
  5. bniesen

    left over U.K. Fuggle hops

    I would like some input on what to make with my leftover hops. I currently have 1.25 of U.K. Fuggle left over from a cream ale, not one of my favorite recipes I put together. What other styles is U.K. Fuggle good for?
  6. bniesen

    Am I in for a mess??

    I recently bottled a batch of a Honey Cream Ale (1056 american ale yeast). I let it ferment out in the primary for 2 weeks. I used the corn sugar method and primed enough for 5 gal (3/4cup corn sugar in 1cup water). I didn't notice at the time but apparently I only had 4 gal. I had a mishap when...
  7. bniesen

    North Western Weizen Extract

    I used to make an awesome Weizenbock using this extract. Now that I am set up for all-grain, I would like and advice on converting this extract to an all-grain version. Thank you in advance for your input.
  8. bniesen

    Some information regarding the "new" TAD (Home Draft Systems).

    Here is an e-mail I recieved from the people at T-A-D aka SturmanBG The recommended way to clean the Tap would be to run warm water through the tubing, and on the outside of the tubing that has contact with your beverage. Mild liquid dishwashing soap can be used as well. Warm water and mild...
  9. bniesen

    06/24/11 Brew Day first time with pump

    Begining with the set up. The full boil (6.5 gal for a net 5gal) More boil with a shot of the hop bag. Hop bag sprung a leak and the CFC didn't clog so next time I am going to try not using the bag. I might consider it if doing an IPA though. Pump works great and can't wait to get...
  10. bniesen

    Is there a good alternative to WLP080

    Good day to all you fellow homebrewers. I am planning on brewing a Cream Ale this weekend and would like to know if there is a good alternative the WLP080 for Cream Ales. The recipe looks like this: 8 lb two-row 1 lb vienna 1 lb honey malt 0.5 lb CaraPils 0.5 lb flaked barley 1 lb flaked corn...
  11. bniesen

    Wisconsin's pending legislation affects breweries

    Taken from dpwigley: Currently there is legislation being pushed through the Joint Finance Committee and SECRETLY into the budget bill without feedback from the small brewer! The Chapter 125 Branch Legislation would: All Wisconsin Breweries and Brewpubs will be negatively affected by losing...
  12. bniesen

    Any homebrewers here from the Madison, WI area??

    I reside in Verona WI and I am looking to go in on some bulk grain in the near future. I am looking for anyone in my area that would be interested in going in on some grains and perhaps for a brew session.
  13. bniesen

    I screwed up on brew day! BUT I did RDWHAHB

    I forgot to add a pound and a quarter to my grain bill but added the amount of water had the grain bill been correct. grain bill 9 lb 2-Row .25 lb Black Patent 1 lb Pale Chocolate 1 lb Crystal 80L 1 lb Carapils (left out) .25 lb flaked Barley (left out) I was so disappointed I didn't...
  14. bniesen

    Brewing in a basement question. LP or electric

    I don't want to sound like a noob, I have a been brewing outdoors for a few years and would like to move the operation to my basement and not have to lug my carboy down to the basement forever. I'm going to have to install a vent and vent hood for the steam. Does anyone here use an LP tank and...
  15. bniesen

    trying a different twist on apple wine

    I have done a few batches of Ed's Apfel wine and want to try something a little different maybe a little sweeter. I would start with the 5 gallons of apple juice. 32oz of Blessed Cherry cherry juice concentrate Wyeast 3068 I haven't decided on wether or not to add the 2 lbs. sugar yet and...
  16. bniesen

    Chime in on EZ-Cap bottles

    I am thinking about going to a swing top bottle and I have 2 options. Option A:Buy a case or two of EZ-Cap bottles from the LHBS. Or option B:Buy Grolsch beer and re-use the bottles. I ask because I have heard bad things about EZ-cap bottles not sealing properly and I don't care much for...
  17. bniesen

    Tips on better carbination in bottles.

    I bottled and APA about a month ago, stored the entire batch in the same room at the same temperature. About half the batch carbinated perfectly while for some strange reason the other half did not. I add the priming sugar solution to the secondary right before bottling. My guess is that I...