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  1. Bob_E

    Wyeast spam

    Just a heads up, I've been getting spam mail from The name on the recent one is Gmail Team titled Message Notification, but I don't have a gmail account and the address it was sent from is [email protected] I'm thinking their email got hacked, and if the hacker was a little...
  2. Bob_E

    Help me create an electronic signature

    What I would like to do is take a picture of my hand written signature and make the background transparent keeping only the writing so that in the future I could just drop this signature on any label. I'm pretty sure it's possible, it seems like I've seen it done before. I just don't have any...
  3. Bob_E

    Homemade fridge thermostat?

    Quite a while ago I ran across a website where a guy detailed how he made his own thermostat for his fridge. Now I can't find it, or much else like it. Anybody have a link for this kinda thing? Thanks.
  4. Bob_E

    Downloadable brewing documentaries

    So, I read mention of the Frankenbrew documentary and did a google search for it. I found a download link in a thread on the northern brewer forum. I also found "The American Brew" on youtube titled as brewing...