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  1. SteveStLoo

    Bottle/Six pack storage

    Im looking for a method of storing my six packs of bottles, full or empty. Basically, I want to get a bunch of the boxes that hold Four- six packs of beer, the same kind companies use to ship them, except blank.. I cant get them from the package store or bars because they use them for their own...
  2. SteveStLoo

    Beer Equipment -> Wine Equipment

    Hello.. After Homebrewing beer for a while, I'd like to get into Wine, also... I see these "Upgrade kits" at AHS, but Im curious if that is a 'permanent' upgrade.. I would still like to make beer. It seems one would just need a larger fermenter, a corker and corks, and wine bottles...
  3. SteveStLoo

    Root Beer "Ale" Recipe?

    Hey guys, My buddy came across this: Brewer Patriot Collection - 1790 Root Beer Brew - Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) - BeerAdvocate and was wondering if anyone has come up with an extract recipe for this beer. I tried the search function but all I got were soda related ones...
  4. SteveStLoo

    Please help identify..

    Hey all, About to rack to secondary (sorry, clearing tank..) when I saw THIS.. it looks like a little skin has formed.. I was going to rack from underneath but i wasnt sure if i should bother.. What IS this?? Never seen anything like it.'
  5. SteveStLoo

    Is this the classic "stuck" fermentation?

    Hello all, Last Friday (8/22) I made some Brewer's Best Robust porter. Did everything fine, but now its a week later, and the gravity went from 1.055 down to 1.022, and stayed there for two days. The expected final gravity is supposed to be between 1.012 and 1.015.. Also, there was no...
  6. SteveStLoo

    Carb drops?

    I attempted making Root Beer, and used the Champagne Yeast method (used about 3/4 of a TeaSpoon in a 2gallon batch.. The only evidence i have of any carbonation is the fizzing sound as i open the bottle. Theres like, nothing in the soda as far as carbonation goes. My method: Brought two...
  7. SteveStLoo

    Semi-permanent blow off setup..

    Does anyone have experience with fabricating a blow-off tube/pipe with, say, 1/2" PVC pipe as opposed to 3/8" flexible tubing.. I was envisioning making one or two of them. They would come straight up out of the lid, over to the side, and down the side of my fermenting buckets. It seems this...
  8. SteveStLoo

    Substituting Hops/Extracts

    I found an extract recipe i really want to make.. I do not want to buy a kit, but the LHBS does not carry the exact hops or extracts that the recipe calls for, but they do have a decent selection. What are some of the things you look for when trying to substitute hops and extracts? Do you really...