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    Apfelwein as Newbie First Brew?

    I took a space heater and plugged it in by my "fermenting chamber" to warm things up a bit recently. But even at 52 degrees, the apfelwien was still bubblin. The ales were sound asleep though...
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    Giving beer

    I trade beer with the only other brewer I know in the Houston area. Both of us spend more time lately with our chain saws than our brew pots. Funny... we have two electrical breakers on at our house right now. One supplies the Travel Trailer we are living in at the moment, the other...
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    Will be a couple more days before the insurance adjustor shows up. First level gave a check and told me to get a hotel room. We have dogs and a bird, so found a travel trailer instead. Have roof tarped and waiting see the final damage report. Contractor estimates are all twice what I...
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    My Apfelwien and American Amber batches were properly aged and bottle conditioned just in time for Hurrican Ike. Had a tree pretty much cut our house in half, and the home brews came in handy... purely for medicinal purposes ya know. That was really scary, had one tree come through and...
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    Do I need the Ale Pail???

    All an Ale Pail is... is a food grade bucket. One that had pickles in it previously might be gross... but any clean, un-scratched bucket of that grade would work. THen just get an airlock, drill a hole in the lid and put in a rubber grommet... and you'd have an ale pail. Or support...
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    plastic bottles

    Hmmm.... I had to go read up on plastic recycling codes on the bottles. At the bottom of the message is a list of them. I'm going to be camping at the beach for a week around Thanksgiving. Same as the original post, glass there could get a person in trouble. Either a Party Pig or...
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    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Cool chart on yeast speeds... I'm still bubbling along. Mines in a controlled environment at 62 degrees.
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    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    I did that on my first batch of beer... rushed it since I thought something was going wrong since I saw little white clumps forming that sorta looked like little bubble islands when it was in the glass secondary... For that matter I rushed it into the secondary since the airlock had stopped...
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    Who's brewing this weekend?

    Did an American Amber thursday, and doing a Belgian Dubbel sunday. I hate it when a fermenting bucket is empty...
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    It's Official: I got the "it's an illness" speech

    I have an old freezer I use with a thermal controller to brew my beer in. My wife just laughed today when I took a riciprocating saw and cut the shelves out of the door so I could fit three fermenting buckets in it.... Make sure you make her something she likes, or at least make the attempt...
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    fermenting apfelwein

    13 days after starting my first batch of Apfelwien... it's still making the airlock bubble. Maybe it's cause I'm keeping it at 62 degrees... but from what I've read it take a month or so if not more til it's ready to bottle.
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    Ever drop a hop pellet into your beer glass?

    Added a strisselspalt to a Carta Blanca.... figured it's worth a try.
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    Who's drinking less????????

    When my Apfelwein is ready... I might start to drink less beer for a little bit :mug:
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    first batch bubbling away for me... 7198 + 5 = 7203
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    Kroger sale on pasteurized apple juice

    Made the 5g batch today and have it sitting with some ale at 68 degrees. Once I bottle the ale, is this a good temp or should I set it lower/higher? What's the desired range for Apfelwien???
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    This is why I hate bottling...

    I'm still new so have the opposite problem :mug: But getting ready to make batches four and five in the next couple days :ban:
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    Kroger sale on pasteurized apple juice

    Bottled some English bitter today... so my carboy is now empty. Remembered this thread as I was was about to pass a Kroger on my way to the Brew Store. Now have five gallons of apple juice and 2 pounds of corn sugar sitting on the counter... will be giving this a try tomorrow.
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    Exploding weizenbier

    I'm guilty of rushing my first batch as well... ... and then I stored a couple in the cabinet over the stove where it gets warmer than where the rest of the bottles are. Wife calls me today and tells me I've got a nice mess to clean up when I get home. Bottle exploded and rained down...
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    Partial Boil: How much water?

    I'd start with the 2 gallons and see how it goes. You can always add more water during the boil, but starting out with too much and then adding ingredients can make a big mess :) I'm stillnew to this... but that's my opinion.
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    "Green" Beer

    The flavor was good, and the fact that it had some bubbling action tells me the carbonation process is working. Have two primary buckets going right now. One with a German Wheat, and the other with an English Bitter. FIgure I'll rack one of them to the secondary this weekend... and leave...