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  1. BPhad

    NHC 2014 - Looking for extra ticket to Brewery Vivant Rare Beer & Food Experience Wed

    NHC 2014 - Looking for extra ticket to Brewery Vivant Rare Beer & Food Experience Wednesday night Please PM me. If you have one you will not use, I will purchase from you. Have some friends going, but I was too late to get a ticket. Thanks, Brian
  2. BPhad

    BJCP Style for Deschutes Chainbreaker Clone

    Based on a recipe I found on HBT, I brewed up a clone of Deschutes Chainbreaker and want to put it in a local BJCP comp. I am not sure what category to enter it under or how to describe it in the "Special Ingredient/Classic Style" section. Was debating between 23A. Specialty Beer or 16E...
  3. BPhad

    Anyone done a GABF pro-am?

    I was just lucky enough to take BOS where the prize is brewing a pro am beer for GABF I am humbled to have won as I was just looking for feedback on my beers. I am also stoked about the pro am If anyone has done one and can share experience that would be great
  4. BPhad

    Help. Steamer rack stuck

    I washed my pot and dropped my steamer rack in crooked. It's stuck. Any ideas on getting it out.
  5. BPhad

    Hose water in hot wort :(

    Got a little (couple of teaspoons maybe) water from hose in first time using wort chiller today. Is it really bad?
  6. BPhad

    Ok to wash yeast next day?

    Racked off caribou slobber to keg last night and have this nice yeast cake of wyeast 1332 northwest ale. Can I still wash and store this later today or Sunday? Airlock is over this and funny thing is that it is bubbling. Must have woke up the yeast.
  7. BPhad

    Citra SMaSh - Thoughts on yeast?

    I found something similar posted and wanted to try it. Never done a SMaSH before Just looking for any feedback, esp regarding selection of yeast. Was looking to get some character out of yeast that might blend with the Citra, but really don't know where to start. Thanks Recipe...
  8. BPhad

    New (old) fridge

    Found this 1949 GE on Craigslist for $50. Wanted to turn to kegerator but I don't have the heart to put holes into it. Basically just proud I found it. Running now and temp is 38.
  9. BPhad

    Nottingham yEast in speckled heifer

    Was about to brew this cream ale spotted cow clone when I realized I had nitty instead of us05. Should I wait or will this work?
  10. BPhad

    My first brew in 10 years

    Started slow with a brewers best IPA kit. Used us05 yeast then dry hopped with 1oz centennial for a week. This is first one after a week in bottle day in fridge. Lots of foam not tastes great.
  11. BPhad

    Belgian Wit Crazy Fermentation

    Here's a picture of a wit I started today only 6 hours after pitching a pack of T58. Wort was cooled to 68 before pitching. It's going strong.
  12. BPhad

    IPA - Late LME addition - IBU?

    I used an IPA kit last weekend, and following the many posts on this board that suggested a late LME addition I did that at 20 mins. This was a 60 minute boil , with 1lb of light DME in for whole boil (plus 1.5 lbs of specialty grains steeped before boil) I followed the hop schedule on the...
  13. BPhad

    IPA with US-05 at 62 F? is that OK?

    OK - My first beer after an 8 year hiatus (life happens) I did an extract IPA but and used US-05 yeast, it started right up after a few hours and at that 40 hour mark has a pretty active fermentation. My only concern is that I am too cool at 62F (this is outside temp in my basement). I...