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  1. Heif

    Seven Man Brew Day in PA

    I was one of the seven that day. I'm new on this site. That was my 6th batch ever and it was great to get advice from some of the more veteran guys (DubbelDach, Jaysus). Even greater to suck on all the tasty beers all the fellas brought. That could be a whole 'nother thread.
  2. Heif

    Trub in primary, rack to secondary?

    Mine was darker much darker than amber. More brown than black. I ferment in my basement pretty close to the water heater which keeps it at a steady 72F according to the sticky thermometer "taped" in the side. My gravity was at 1.016 after a week. Smells great.
  3. Heif

    Trub in primary, rack to secondary?

    I just brewed a Brewer's Best Bold Series Holiday Ale extract kit last Saturday as my 3rd-ever batch. OG @ 72F 1.066. Achieved vigorous fermentation that actually spit up wort through my airlock (in the future, for bigger beers like this, I will use a blowoff tube). Patience has been tough...