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    Personal brewery apparel/gear

    What’s up guys? I recently partnered in a apparel company that specializes in custom stuff with free art and no minimums. We have done a bunch for local business and a few small breweries. Unlike other companies we are perfect for home breweries since we offer no minimum orders, and our stuff...
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    Hopsy refilling possible?

    Has anyone had success refilling a HOPSY Torp vessel? The system is now being sold for free ($29.00 with mandatory glasses purchase) and I would buy at least one if I knew I could put my home brew in it!! Thanks
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    Keg to bottles- best solution?

    Guys, I know this has been discussed, but I am kind of looking for a clear - cut answer. We just moved to kegging, but would like to bottle up a few beers from the carbonated keg. Can anyone tell me if they’ve had any sure success with the tube attached to the picnic tap method? I’ve see...
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    Keg kit missing pieces??

    All, I got a keg kit recently that came with everything needed to start. That said, when I threw it together, it seemed as though I was missing a barbed swivel to put on the quick disconnect for the out line, so I bought one. Works fine. Also, the kit came with 2 lines- one 5/16” for the...
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    Will this work? (With diagram)

    My current brewing setup is in my garage which shares a cinderblock wall with man cave. I currently have a full-sized fridge against the wall that splits the garage and the man cave. Am I able to install a permanent tap on the man cave side of the wall, run a pipe through the cinderblock, and...
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    Quick carbonating / questions

    Hey guys, I have seen videos on YouTube that show people force carbonation beer so it is ready in hours, not days. One method I saw was pump the keg to 40, agitate for 5 min, and repeat the process 3 times. Another was set to 30, let sit (refrigerated) over night, set serving pressure next...
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    Primary right to keg?

    All, I have been somewhat lagering an Oktoberfest for 3 months in a chamber. For experimental reasons, I kept it at a stead 55 degrees the whole time. I plan on kegging or bottling this weekend. Am I able to rack right to the keg from here if I decide to? What if I decide to bottle? Transfer...
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    Big mouth alternative? Would this work??

    Anyone think this would work if I drilled a hole for the bung??? Seems very similar to big mouth bubbler.
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    Old fridge conversion question

    All, My setup is rather unique. I have an old fridge that is currently my fermentation/lagering chamber. I just got my first kegging kit, and want to use it as a kegerator. My situation is this: I have my fridge flush with a cinderblock wall. On the other side of the cinderblock wall is my...
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    Rookie mistake- turned out ok?

    All, I have been brewing 5 gallon kits for quite some time, and I just switched to a big mouth bubbler. When it came time to top off with cold water, I accidentally added to the 6 gallon line. Whoops. I just realized this today, bottling day. My OG was 1.048 instead of the target 1.052. Would...
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    Pale ale is super bitter- hopeless?

    All, I did a 20 min zoomin pale ale from NB, which was great. Almost hit my OG perfectly, and it’s done fermenting. At flame-out, I added .75 oz dried tangerine peel. I tasted it today (out of the big mouth bubbler) and it’s SUPER bitter. It’s a 5g batch. Could this be caused by the tangerine...
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    Cooling wort

    All, Currently brewing my Oktoberfest and I am patiently waiting for the wort to get around 55 degrees so I can throw it in primary. Directions say to let it get down to 55 before adding to the cool water at bottom of fermenter, then topping off with more cool water. I guess my question is...
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    Northern Brewer Oktoberfest questions

    Guys, I plan on brewing the 5g extract Oktoberfest from Northern brewer either tomorrow or Monday. I have a few questions before I do. 1) The directions fro NB say for primary fermentation to leave it in a dark, cold area but don’t specify a temperature. Should I leave it in my basement...
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    Grocery store for grain?

    Has anyone tried ordering grain directly through their local grocery store? Seems like it should be doable as they work with a number of vendors......
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    Carbing and bottling

    All, My cider has been in primary for 5 days and appears to be done fermenting. I plan on measuring gravity tomorrow. I usually backsweeten with unfermentable sugars but it never tastes quite right. This time I plan on getting it to my liking using FAJC, letting those sugars carb the...
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    Length of line question

    Guys- I am about to pick up a couple 5 gallon kegs and get my system started. I have a full size, unused fridge in my garage that is connected to my billiard room. I was initially going to buy a small mini fridge that would hold one 5 gallon keg, keep it under my stairs in a closet, and run...
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    Moving to kegging- hopefully. Couple of questions.

    Hey all. I am moving from bottling to kegging, as I currently have 25 gallons of beer and cider fermenting, and there is no shot I will have enough bottles. Also, I am just sick of bottling. A few questions for whoever can help. 1) If I put my finished beer in a keg, how long will it stay in...
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    Missed target OG- is this why?

    This morning I brewed the NB Zoomin Pale Ale, which is a 20 minute boil. Pretty cool. Whole process was about 1.5 hours. The target OG was 1.052, I came out to 1.048 Not complaining, whatever. When the boil was done and I was cleaning up I realize I left about 3/4 cup of the LME in the...
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    Zoom in Pale Ale/ Grapefruit Peel Addative

    Northern Brewers Zoomin Pale Ale...... anyone ever brew it? It’s a 20 minute boil and I am brewing it tomorrow. Reviews online say its a solid beer, but some call it bland. I am thinking about either adding a few lime peels or dried grapefruit peel to it for some added flavor. I was thinking...
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    Optimal Fridge Temp for Fermentation?

    All, I recently moved my brewing setup into my garage, and we have a spare fridge I can use, and adjust, as a fermentation chamber. What approx range should I shoot for when adjusting the fridge? I am aware that it all depends on the yeast/style of beer, but I figure a constant fridge is better...