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  1. lucky2balive

    Rolling igloo Draft Box Question

    A question for those of you that have made the rolling kegerator out of the 70 quart Igloo Ice Cube. What size shanks did you use? It looks like I've got 1.5 inches of ice chest walls to deal with so will a 2" shank be long enough? Where did you buy your shanks. Where did you buy the...
  2. lucky2balive

    Keggle for sale = $70 Sold!

    I just upgraded to a brew pot with a false bottom from B3. Well, I ordered it yesterday so it's not here yet. So, I'm selling my keggle. It's a 15.5 gallon sankey keg with the top cut out and a hole drilled in the side for a weldless spigot. The keg cost me $40 and the spigot cost $32. It...
  3. lucky2balive

    Union Jack IPA

    I'm looking for a clone recipe of Firestone Walker's Union Jack IPA. Anybody have anything close?