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  1. slykwilli

    Surly Tour!!

    I finally scored a tour for Surly!! driving up from Des Moines in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for suggestions on where to stay in or near MSP. I want to stay somewhere near a pub that would have Surly on tap and some good food. Any suggestions? Thanks fellas :mug:
  2. slykwilli

    Not mine - keg fridge

    Not mine, but seems like a nice deal
  3. slykwilli


  4. slykwilli

    double door keg box

    Not mine, but listing it just in case someone else can use it. rapids double door keg box
  5. slykwilli

    Funny story.. now that it's over....

    So ya.. got my 5L flask yesterday and decided to make a starter so that I could brew on Sat. I had read that people like to just put their flask directly on their gas stove and boil the water directly in it... so I thought.. why not? I got the water to a boil and then started to spoon in the DME...
  6. slykwilli

    Pacman - Wyeast 1764

    I was trying to find some info online about this particular strain, but I am not having much luck. I have a new pack of this awaiting use in the fridge but I am unsure of which recipes to use it in. Would anyone know what dry and other liquid yeasts I could sub this out for? (ie safale s-04 or...
  7. slykwilli

    Water Filter?

    Hello, just curious if anyone uses a water filter to filter out chlorine and chloramine. I was thinking about Culligan RV-600 recreational vehicle water filter system and Culligan RV600 RV filter as it has hose threads and could be put inline with my garden hose that I use in the garage. Anyone...
  8. slykwilli

    Thermo + Sightglass?

    Hello, I am trying to get a HLT and a brew kettle put together from a couple of old kegs, but I think I have run into a little snag. I was thinking that I could get a 1/2" and a 3/8" coupler welded into each keg and that would be enough for a sightglass, ball valve, and thermo ... but I can't...
  9. slykwilli

    Air Fittings

    Hello, I could not find anything online - so I thought maybe I could ask to see if anyone knows of where I could find fittings etc... to convert my keg fridge from a single gas line to multiple. I would like to have a regulator at each of the kegs, but because of the cost I would settle for just...