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  1. mrsunshades

    Adjusting water for brown ale vs. pale ale

    I finally got my water report, and using Palmers book I adjusted my water and finally got my pale ale right! Question: That was for an ale of SRM of 12 - now Im doing a nut brown SRM 22 - can I use the same brewing salts for this. My gut feeling is that my water needs these (1 tsp calcium...
  2. mrsunshades

    Starter for parti-gyle

    If I'm making a double batch (about 15 lb grain) and doing a first runnings barley wine of 2.5 gal, and then a second smaller beer of 5 gal, all from the same mash, can I make a big 2 liter starter and use about 2/3 of it for the barleywine and the rest for the regular beer? This is an idea from...
  3. mrsunshades

    AG recipe harshly bitter

    OK = I have 3 all grain pale ales so far and they've all been harshly over bitter,and not a nice hoppyness either. So will this work, using the 1 oz of black malt, finely crushed, to the end of the mash, to reduce the harsh astringentcy that is overpowering the whole flavor? I am not...
  4. mrsunshades

    Hot side aeration?

    My setup has the brew kettle / hot liquor tank up high, then the mash tun below. I drain the mash into 2 buckets, getting 3 gal each. When the sparge is done, I just pour the wort from the buckets back into the kettle and start the boil. My question is this: is pouring the wort back into the...
  5. mrsunshades

    Larger bottles - how much priming sugar?

    I've noticed that the carbonation is excessive when using a large bottle, such as a growler, when bottling using the standard 3/4 cup sugar for priming. That would make sense since a keg only needs 1/3 cup - I think it's got something to do with the bigger the vessel of beer, the more activity...