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  1. ThebrewdawG

    What the hell!

    Didn't get the memo. First time on chat, not really sure if its live or been hijacked. I not even close to druck yet but Damn? What is up with that?
  2. ThebrewdawG

    Over carbed or mis-handeled?

    My first bottle bomb this past weekend. I gave a friend a 6 pack of 4 week old Ed Wort's Apfelwein to take home with him. A couple hours later he calls to tell me that he's picking glass out of his hands and arms. After further discussion he tells me that they spilled out of the carrier and...
  3. ThebrewdawG

    Homebrew law

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but since most of us end up here anyway, Has anyone ever read or seen the legislation where homebrewing became law? I know it was Jimmy and I know it was the 70's. I'm thinking it'd be cool to have that framed and mounted on my brewshop wall...
  4. ThebrewdawG

    Best Beer in a can? (Raceday)

    I know, Iknow! Since I started brewing and enjoying all the craft beers I've been drinking (for the bottles) I hate to take bud light to the race! any sugestions. AMS 3/9/08. Is Kasey Cane old enough to drive the bud car?:D
  5. ThebrewdawG

    Say When!

    I'm fairly new and tend to go with the 1, 2, 3, method, But? After 2 wks "no bubbles" 3 readings at target,.... Rack to secondary out of the bucket into the glass carboy.... and WOW! this is pretty cool to watch.. but! 3 wks in and this thing is just goinig crazy! Its a weat, "Weizen Wit...
  6. ThebrewdawG


    I think this term, meaning your slammed, toast, wasted, insert yours here! came to be in the early 90's in a chat room I was in. I think I was playing yahoo chess/checkers.This format allowed the users to chat in real time with a host of other players. I'm sure someone from down under coined...
  7. ThebrewdawG


    Is it just me, or do love the kids new toys
  8. ThebrewdawG

    I'm ready, I'm ready........NOT!

    I have planned, I have researched, I have spent, .. not in this order! I think I'm ready and tomorrow is brew day. I have every thing I always wanted and more. I'm standing here finishing the last of the brew I made with the Mr beer kit,(not bad but not good either), thinking why did I pick a...