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  1. ferrarimobile

    DMS Threat

    Hey all, I recently brewed an all-grain Munich Helles using 95% Pilsner malt, 5% Munich and a little Melanoiden malt, mashed 60 minutes, sparge for 35 minutes, 83.5 brewhouse efficiency. While listening to the Jamil show, I misinterpreted what he said regarding boil time. I always boil 90...
  2. ferrarimobile

    Yeast storage

    I recently used the following process for storing yeast: Yeast bank - Home Brewing Wiki. Though I had a few issues with it, I'm pretty confident that I have some viable yeast from the whole thing. I never did get the type of separation that the picture showed. My vials seemed to have...
  3. ferrarimobile

    Airlock Dry

    Recently I was out in the garage checking on some lager I have aging for the last two months. I noticed the airlock was getting nervously close to the lowest level. I am not 100% sure, but I believe that it was not able to bubble because it was below the air holes in the lock - not totally...
  4. ferrarimobile

    Small Test Batches

    I am planning on making a go at commercial brewing. We are opening a bar and planning on getting the license to brew beer there. I want to test more recipies, but don't necessarily want to brew several dozen 5 gallon batches. Does anyone know if I can brew a 1 gallon batch (1/4 the...