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  1. wfeddern

    Trim back hops now?

    I have neglected my 3rd year hop plants dealing with family/myself going through flu and colds the past few weeks. Now they are growing fairly well, but are a big tangled mess, as I didn't have them trained to posts yet. I did my best to trim a bit and get them climbing posts, but am...
  2. wfeddern

    Help with UK Guinness tap

    I recently purchased a used guinness faucet from a UK ebay vendor. It has a plastic connector which from my research would seem to be a 'john guest' type connector. I am thinking I need something like this: Does anybody have any...
  3. wfeddern

    transfer from growler to corny keg

    This coming weekend is thanksgiving here in Canada and we will be hosting a dinner. I will have my kegorator ready to go by then, but nothing ready to fill it with. Would picking up a few growlers and using them to partially fill a corny keg work ok? Anything I would need to watch out for...