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  1. rleddy000

    Illinois Selling my equipment

    I've just been too busy with a new job, I cannot get the time to brew anymore. I've decided to sell off all of my equipment. I'd prefer to see if anyone is interested in the entire group of items before piece mealing it out, if someone is willing to purchase the entire lot you get everything -...
  2. rleddy000

    Glass carboys - 6.5 gal @ 5 gal - LOT

    Im selling my glass carboy's as I have a conical fermentor now and have no need for them. All are glass in good condition, I bought these new and they only have been used in brewing beer, well kept always cleaned after use. I used star san sanitizer on them. I have 5 - 6.5 Gallon and 1- 5...
  3. rleddy000

    Used 15 Gallon Blichmann Kettle w/false bottom

    This is a USED 15 Gallon Blichmann Boilermaker Kettle ($369.00 retail) for sale, it also includes a blichmann false bottom ( $74.99 retail) and a Northern Brewer bulkhead fitting ($19.99 retail) and brass elbow mounted just above the front handle for sparge hookup or it can be plugged for other...
  4. rleddy000

    Heavy duty ss 15 gal brew kettle w/ball valve

    This is a used stainless steel 15 gallon brew kettle with stainless steel ball valve in good condition. The lid has a cutout for an immersion chiller. This is a MoreBeer brand kettle all info on this model can be found on their website the model number is BE315. It has 2...
  5. rleddy000

    Keggle w/thermometer & ss ball valve

    I have a Keggle for sale its my old mash tun since I've upgraded to a Blichmann kettle I'm selling this one. It has the hole cut out (of course) a Blichmann weldless Thrumometer, stainless steel ball valve threaded to a NB bulkhead fitting with copper fittings and braided sleeve inside. There...
  6. rleddy000

    Blichmann 14 gal Conical fermentor tri clamp $725.00

    I'm selling my Blichmann 14 gallon stainless steel conical fermentor with tri clamp fittings. It has standard legs and no casters. It comes with the standard blow off (rubber stopper with airlock) I'm selling it because I have increased my batch size and purchased the 27 gal unit. I have...