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  1. chachi

    My computer is jacked

    New computer...sounds like maybe the disk is bad (the hard drive). In my experience if they are going to crap out, they do so early in their life. Problems appear to be inconsistent...if it is new and you don't frequent "shady" sites, then you may want to start there. If you have some kind...
  2. chachi

    Two-Step (read some now, some later) all grain brewing

    So, between the 9 month old and work, I can't seem to find much time to brew these days. I did manage to brew up a bohemian style lager (which I kegged tonight) and it got me motivated to try and figure out some sort of method to brew during the week. I work close to home, so I could...
  3. chachi

    Diluting/Adding water at kegging?

    updated link to the article
  4. chachi

    California Fires

    Yeah, we had some crazy smoke on the Peninsula (south of SF) last week, but the wind has shifted and I haven't smelled any for a few days.
  5. chachi

    Got some free Corona - now what?

    I like the brat concept and the drinking concept. I was thinking though, when you brew beer, the last thing you need to do is get beer from "outside" sources.
  6. chachi

    Slow starter

    I usually have lag from some WL tubes....this strain lagged when I first pitched it. I just re-pitched it from a primary fermentation and it went off without a hitch. But, the first pitch from the tube was over 24 hours before I saw anything.
  7. chachi

    Party-a-Cargo...We can do

    I wonder what they would sell one of those for. That thing is pure genius!
  8. chachi

    bottle bombs 4 months later?

    That is crazy. At least you wore the proper protection.
  9. chachi

    Ordinary Bitter (AG)

    Just brewed this one. OG 1.040, but I was amazed at how dark it was. I am pretty excited to taste this. Thanks for the recipe.
  10. chachi

    Day 1 Mash - Day 2 Boil?

    aww, I said screw it. Just finished. Not bad 4 hours start to cleaned up.
  11. chachi

    Day 1 Mash - Day 2 Boil?

    wouldn't that boil off?
  12. chachi

    Day 1 Mash - Day 2 Boil?

    I am confident this has been asked/discussed before. I have some grains that I prepared for mashing two days ago and I was planning on mashing them tonight after work, then doing the boil tomorrow after work. I figured since I am boiling everything tomorrow, there should be no problem. Anyone...
  13. chachi

    Anyone Brew This Chimay Blue?

    yeah, I would be interested to hear about using something aside from the $5/lb dark candy I used...
  14. chachi

    Anyone Brew This Chimay Blue?

    I like it. Everyone needs 20 kegs. If we all get 20 kegs then it will be "standard". If it is standard then it is ok to buy.:mug:
  15. chachi

    Anyone Brew This Chimay Blue?

    Yeah, I think someone reference that recipe in that thread. It is quite a bit darker than I anticipated, but I could not stop sticking my finger in the bucket during sparging. I am going to do a few weeks in the primary (last belgian I made fermented actively for 3 weeks) and then maybe throw it...
  16. chachi

    First Full Boil

    Congrats. Now you need to update your sig. :) By the time I make it back inside the house, SWMBO is usually taking a nap. :)
  17. chachi

    Anyone Brew This Chimay Blue?

    Anyone brewed this Chimay Blue recipe before? I just brewed it yesterday and was curious if anyone here has made it in the past.
  18. chachi

    next brew

    You might like to try their (morebeer's) Columbus IPA kit....always a crowd pleaser. Mix between a Steam Beer and an IPA. Tasty.
  19. chachi

    Planning first AG

    You want the grain bed to get up to 170+. I sparge with 180 to 185 degree water like in Bobby's tutorial.
  20. chachi

    Anyone using Helium Music manager?

    That looks pretty nice. Worst thing I ever did was upgrade from WMP10 to WMP11.