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  1. wfeddern

    Irish Stout Ode To Arthur, Irish Stout (Guinness Clone)

    How long did you leave it on the 30psi before it was ready? and did you leave it set there to pour?
  2. wfeddern

    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    What type of procedure are people using for the dry hop on this? I typically start in a glass carboy, and move to corny keg, and dry hop there, then rack again to another keg after dry hop is done for serving. Wondering at what points to rack between kegs. Should I be looking at racking once...
  3. wfeddern

    Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA clone

    I had the exact same on my batch, so the suggestions on lower efficiency seem accurate. Ended up pretty much exactly the same, 1.090 and about 4 gal. Still was a great beer.
  4. wfeddern

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    I'm in. some great prizes.
  5. wfeddern

    Irish Stout Ode To Arthur, Irish Stout (Guinness Clone)

    Brewed this yesterday, but have been having issues somewhere and ended up about 0.010 short on both brews I did that day, so have a SG of 1.036. Would it be a good idea to add a bit of sugar to up the alcohol levels a bit? or should I just leave it at 3.5% ?
  6. wfeddern

    Trim back hops now?

    I am in southwestern ontario. Last few years I was harvesting sometime in September, so that still gives them a good 4 months to grow. Leaning towards just cutting them all back to the ground again.
  7. wfeddern

    Trim back hops now?

    I have neglected my 3rd year hop plants dealing with family/myself going through flu and colds the past few weeks. Now they are growing fairly well, but are a big tangled mess, as I didn't have them trained to posts yet. I did my best to trim a bit and get them climbing posts, but am...
  8. wfeddern

    Help with UK Guinness tap

    I recently purchased a used guinness faucet from a UK ebay vendor. It has a plastic connector which from my research would seem to be a 'john guest' type connector. I am thinking I need something like this: Does anybody have any...
  9. wfeddern

    Pro Mash

    A trick several of us who brew together use, is to keep the promash folder as a shared dropbox folder. That way, we can all access the same data. Dropbox also keeps revision backups for us too.
  10. wfeddern

    Talk me into buying a Thermapen

    Any comment on this vs the thermapen? have some credit at and they are about the same price, but this one adds an infrared thermometer. Taylor 9306
  11. wfeddern

    Need help finding Bayou Classic's burner in Canada

    I came across this thread while looking for comments on the bayou classic burners. For any other canadians looking for their products, you can now find them here:
  12. wfeddern

    Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion

    Their website has been recently updated: They now have ingredients lists for all of their beers. For Hoptical Illusion, it lists: North American 2-row Muntons Crystal 150 L60 Muntons Roasted Barley Centennial (bittering) Amarillo (whirlpool) Cascade...
  13. wfeddern

    New Replacement for March Pump

    Looking to pick up a couple of these, so interested in hearing what you find.
  14. wfeddern

    Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion

    They have been doing a lot of tweaking to this recipe, so it would not surprise me if the IBU is somewhat higher now. I would email the brewery and ask them. The owner is very friendly and may even help you put together the clone recipe.
  15. wfeddern

    2010 Hops Gardens

    Here are what my 6 cascade plants (second year) look like today:
  16. wfeddern

    2009 Hop garden picture thread.

    After my last post wondering if I was seeing the start of some cones, it looks like the replies were correct, as here they are: I planted 6 cascade this year, but the cones seem to be mainly coming from a single plant that did very well.
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  20. wfeddern

    2009 Hop garden picture thread.

    Here are some pictures of my first year cascade plants. I am in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and these plants came from Richters. I planted 6 plants in this corner, and they all seem to be doing well, with one doing better then the others and climbing to 10 feet or so (though the stakes I have in...