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    HERMs help

    I recirc, push water thru coil to get wort out to bk. I then recirc hlt spare water coil to heat to 173 (to bring bed up to 168), add spare water. I then either just recirc thu pump (no coil) or if I recirc thru coil I'll use some extra water to get all wort to bk.
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    HERMs help

    why are you leaving wort in your coil? hook it up to your HLT and flush it out. I pump til I notice the color go away in a darker beer and then I just remember how much water fits in my coil and drain that much for lighter beers.
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    Leaves vs pellet aroma

    If you are using saaz or tettnabger hops you will notice a dramatic difference in the aroma from pellets vs that from leaves as some oils are lost in pellitization. (referenced from fix principles of brewing science from my memory so this is 90% accurate I hope)
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    Just stopped adding sugar to mine before I went away for a week for Christmas. Starting volume range used to calc gravity from sugar. Started with 1.092 og. added 16lb sugar OG now: (11gal): 1.1589 OG now: (10.5gal): 1.162 so thats 1.017 fg 11gal: 18.64-22.46% (depending on formula) 10.5gal...
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    Based on what calculation? Show math please so I see what I'm doing wrong
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    And for sugar additions am I using the correct formula?
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    I have been doing (.046x# lbs)/volume Is that wrong? Also which of the 2 abv formulas have u used?
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    Also since I added 3lbs of DME because of low efficiency, I have been thinking of adding amylase enzyme to see that it still dries out even more. Any thoughts on this?
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    Thank you for the suggestion on putting my hand over the wine thief. I didn't have a turkey baster so this worked very well. 12lbs down, 12 to go. Unfortunately I'm unsure of the exact volume into the fermenter. I'm going to have to estimate this beer for between 10-11 gallons so the abv range...
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    What I'm having trouble with is getting a gravity reading. I tried a wine thief and this led to a huge layer of foam on top that made it impossible to get a true reading. My thoughts are possibly throwing some sanitized aluminum foil on top and throwing it in the fridge to get a reading? This...
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    DFH 120 minute clone

    I have a 120minute-ish beer going right now. How are you measuring the gravity of an actively fermenting beer? The krausen/bubbles/yeast make it very hard to get even an estimate. I don't want this beer to end up way too sweet with the yeast dieing off early. My thoughts are to maybe pour the...
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    Yeast Flavors

    Chlorophenols give the bandaid taste and they are usually from chlorine in your water supply. Filter water or use bottled water.
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    wort pump/camlock issue/question

    I used a female to female adapter for my march pump + quick disconnects. Hope that helps. Matt
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    weldless water heating element in keggle

    removed rubber gasket. leak stopped I'm still going to wrap the threads. Thanks for the advice.
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    weldless water heating element in keggle

    Hello - I am converting to electric (project details to come) and drilled a 1.25" hole in each of my 2 keggles. They are threaded heating elements with the bargainfittings 1" locknut on the inside w/ o-ring. Unfortunately, only 1 of my keggles has a tight seal. One has a slight leak out of it. I...
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    Stuck in the mud

    Try brewing another quick extract beer (low OG) with your original yeast, then after fermentation is complete rack you stuck beer on the yeast cake from the new beer. Best of luck, Matt
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    False Start Starter

    Try adding a little more DME (at pitching temps - 65-70) to make sure the yeast are still alive, healthy, and willing to ferment your sugars. IMHO, yeast are resilient little buggers and they should be fine. I doubt you will be pitching too many yeast cells. Best of luck. -Matt
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    "polishing your keg" is more than a clever euphemism

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I was wondering if there was an attachment I could make for a dremel that would give the same result? Or multiple attachments like Bobby did even. Being as though I don't have an angle grinder it would save me some dough.
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    bottling Irish Red at four weeks

    You are fine to bottle. Remember that once you do 3 hydrometer readings 3 days in a row and the gravity does not change - your fermentation is complete. The final gravity that they give is only an estimate and can vary based on fermentation conditions, amount of yeast, nutrients, aeration, etc...