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    leading tip dead help

    Ok what should I do? One of my Sterling zomes (1st year) only produced 1 bine. It grew to about 4 feet and was doing great. A week or so ago I noticed the tip of the bine had been clipped (or chewed off). I waited to see what would happen. A new tip finally grew but the bine produced alot of...
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    Schematics Ranco

    Hey any of you guys have a schematic for the Ranco ETC? I don't need a wiring diagram. I need the circuit schematic.
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    boiler heat exchanger

    I was walking through a construction site the other day and low and behold found what I think is a boiler heat exchanger. It looks just like a CFC but with the internal pipe being 1/2 and the external 3/4. then a gray foam wraped around that. I checked it for leaks and it seems to be intact. has...
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    Northern Brewer Sub

    Brewing an American Brown. Need a substitute for northern brewer hops. anyone have an idea? PLease
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    Spaten clone.. Anyone?

    I've been trying to get a buddy of mine into HB, He loves Spaten (not Optimizer) and I thought why not brew a Spaten clone to kick it off. Anyone have a recipe they are willing to share?
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    Pike County PA Brew Club?

    Anyone know of a Club in the Milford PA area?