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    Hottest Beer Ever

    I was reading this over the weekend. No way I would try this, and I love spicy stuff. You would pay for this going in and coming out. No thanks. It was said that most had a hard time finishing the 4 oz sample. Made with both the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper and ghost chili and far...
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    Please Take my Survey

    I am in the final session of my MBA program and have to create a business plan for a startup company. Much to my surprise, my teammates chose a brewpub without any instigation from me. :ban: Part of the Marketing plan requires primary research and I chose a survey as this is the easiest to...
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    Early Christmas Gift!!

    So the wife got me a cask keg (5.4 gallons) for Christmas! She wanted to give it to me early so I could have something in it for our New Year's party. I have a Scottish Ale and a Coffee Rye IPA in the fermenters right now that are ready to keg. One of these is destined for the cask...
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    Electric Range parts to control element?

    My parents just had their oven element burnout in their electric stove. My mom leveraged this to get my dad to get her a new stove, seeing as how he likes to eat, he agreed ha. Now there is a perfectly functioning electric stove in the basement of their house taking up space. I had...
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    Wheat IPA Recipe help

    I had a Wheat IPA a few weeks ago and it has been on my mind ever since. I am thinking somewhere close to a 50-50 grain bill with either Briess Brewers Malt or Briess Pale Ale Malt (really not sure of the difference other than Brewers malt is a little cheaper) and either Briess Wheat malt or...