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    Imperial Oatmeal Stout

    18 lb 2 row 12 oz English Chocolate 4 Oz Caramel 120 12 oz roasted barley 2 lb rolled oats 1 lb rice hulls 5.5 gallon batch, 70% efficiency, estimated Og about 1.10 Hops 1.5 oz Nugget pellet 60 minute boil 1 oz Willamette at flameout IBU about 40 Yeast Couple of options...
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    Brewing tomorrow, critique my recipe.

    Trying for a simple Cascade based IPA 5.5 gallon batch Grains: 14 lb American 2-row 1 lb Crystal 60 Calc 0.G. @ 70% efficiency is 1.068 Hops: 1 oz Nugget (14%) @ 60min 1oz Cascade (7.5%) @ 15min 1oz Cascade (7.5%) @ 10 min 1oz Cascade (7.5%) @ 0 Dry hop with 2 oz cascade IBUS...
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    US-05 off flavors.

    I've been using US-05 more and more recently since the price of Danstar Nottingham recently tripled due to their "upgraded packaging". Anyway, I've been noticing a subtle clove-like aftertaste to my lightly hopped blonde and pale ales that I have brewed with this yeast over the past 2 months...
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    I have 5.5 gallon batch of 7.8% ABV brown ale sitting in the secondary and I was thinking of adding some oak flavor. Searching through old posts I have seen others recommend 1oz medium toasted american chips for 7-10 days, pulling the chips or racking once the desired oak flavor is reached. Does...
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    Horizon Pale Ale

    Simple American Pale Ale recipe 9lb 2 row Rahr malt 1lb Briess Crystal 60 0.5oz Horizon (10.6)+ 0.5 oz Cascade (5.1) 60 minutes. 1 oz Cascade (5.1) for 30 minutes 1 oz Cascade (5.1) for 1 minute 1/2 Whirlifloc tablet at 10 minutes Nottingham fermented out in 36 hours to 1.010 at...