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  1. darklord

    California Flaked Corn

    Have 50lbs to trade or sell $39 Can be split in half.
  2. darklord

    California 15 ga Keggles

    I have these KEGGLES with the top opening plasma cut & deburred and a 1/2 inch fitting TIG welded to bottom. Additional ports available, Whirlpool, Thermo. etc. Great for CIP. All kegs are Brand New and not stolen! Buy 3 and pay $300! no discounts otherwise. Ten ready to go at $110 each. More...
  3. darklord

    Carb up a barrel aged beer

    Any best practices for Natural Vs Force Carb method?
  4. darklord

    HELP Identify the hops we grew.

    I have a few lbs of hops we grew & I don't think they are the right type that the shop said they were. How can I tell if they are the as advertised (Cascade & Galena) that we bought. Who could smell/test them for me in the San Diego area?
  5. darklord

    IMP Russian Strout with a stuck fermentation.

    Out IRS (1.12 OG) that we brewed a few months ago has been stuck for months now at 1.035. Still in the primary frementor. :confused: The original yeast was a English ale. I think we should use a HG yeast with a very oxygenated starter. Any pro or con advice? We plan to Barrel age it in an...
  6. darklord

    Have Fresh hops from WA for sale & trade

    Looking for $1 per oz or less for bigger Qtys. More interested in a trade for other ingredients. Yeast, Malt, etc Send any comments to t e d s i n s d at Y a h o