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    will over carbonation cause off taste?

    So I force carbbed a keg of watermelon ale, I then transferred it to a 3 gallon keg after we drank some of it so I could fit another keg in my fridge (it holds 1 3 gallon and 1 5 gallon) over the next couple of days I had a few more beers from the 3 gallon and they tasted fine but my Co2 tank...
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    Adding fruit flavoring to kegged/carbed beer

    Hi I was wondering if I transferred a beer to another keg but added a fruit flavoring to that keg before doing so would I cause any problems? The beer is already chilled and force carbonated. Thanks
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    Keg to bottle temp question

    If I am to bottle some beer I have kegged and store it at room temp then refrigerate it in the future will this cause any off tastes and how long will it last? I would like to bottle some of my kegged beer for future consumption but have limited space in the fridge to keep them. I want to...