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  1. J

    carbonation issues

    I am fairly new to homebrewing but have had some good luck with most of my beers so far. The first 3 batches were well carbonated with great head retention. My problem is that the last 3 are lacking in both the carbonation and retention. In looking through my log and brainstorming, the...
  2. J

    Very High OG what should I do?

    I brewed a milk stout today and ended up with a very high OG. It was a kit with 2 pounds of grain 8 pounds of Extract and 8 ounces of lactose. I brewed according to directions and ended up with a sp gr of 1.11, the target was 1.063. I forgot to take the sp gr before I pitched so I took it...
  3. J

    Pitching into a carboy

    I brewed my 3rd brew today and it was the first time using a carboy as the primary. What is the best way to pitch dry yeast into a carboy. When I poured the wort into the carboy and topped it off with water to 5 gallons there was a lot of foam on the top, so I figured sprinkling the...
  4. J

    External Thermostat

    I just scored a free refrigerator :) and was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions for an external thermostat. I got the fridge to run below 32 degrees, so I would like a thermostat that will go that low so that I can lager in the future. Thanks for any advice. Jim
  5. J

    Fermentation Issue...advice needed!

    Ok I have brewed 2 batches so far and have had the same problem with both of them. Both times my OG was just about right on what the kit said it should be. Fermentation started off somewhere around 12 hours for both seemed to be going well for a little over a day. Bubbling stopped after about...